About Jennifer Avalon


Jennifer Avalon is a singer/songwriter based in Barnstable, Massachusetts. She has had an online presence since 1996, when her website first came online. Since that time Jennifer has developed an online fanbase of well over 11 million and counting and has been blessed to see her music spread around the world through the Internet.

As a child Jennifer was involved in musical theatre, as a performer at the Sacramento “Music Circus”, which still is a popular theatre-in-the-round. She also did voice-overs. In her late teens, she did some fashion modeling for Women’s Wear Daily, and in her twenties, upon moving to New York City, Jennifer became involved with Broadway and received a Tony Nomination as a Broadway producer.

Please take the time to listen to some of Jennifer’s music during your visit to this site!

Jennifer’s music and essays are inspired by her faith and her experiences.

As In Words, So In Music…