A Letter From Jennifer Avalon

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July 2009
Dear Friend,

Since childhood my true love was always writing, and composing songs. Hence, for the past 12 years I have made my collection of essays available for free on my website. Much has changed and evolved over that time.  Little did I know when I started that my entertainment company and free weekly newsletter would reach over 90 countries, and visitors to websites would exceed 5 million people a year!

The twin developments of the recent behavior of record companies and the explosion of file-sharing across the Internet led me to the conclusion that the business model of the entertainment industry was broken. Therefore, in 2003, I decided to try a new approach, or perhaps a very old one. Since 2003, I have provided all of my music, including over the coming months, my latest recordings, available for free downloading. My work has been used as a backdrop for museum and gallery installations in Europe, and in film and televison (via music licensing).  The latest development is screen-writing and film production.

 If you enjoy what I am providing, purchase of a CD or a donation to my paypal donation account is a very much appreciated way to show your support. For Licensing info contact: office@jenniferavalon.net 

My hope is that someday my country will understand the value of the cultural arts, as much as the Europeans and rest of the world do, and America will be looked upon as a Haven for the Arts.

Many many thanks,
Jennifer Avalon

or if you prefer, mail cash, check, or money order to

Jennifer Avalon
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