Interview May 2004

Q: Tell us how things are going with the website and the free music model.

J: Well, the free music model works, as far as bringing tremendous amounts of traffic to my website. I would say the amount of visitors has at least tripled since I’ve gone free. Also, more pages are looked at, because I have added more content over time. Also, the donation model shows me that there are appreciative people out there.

Q: People seem to want CD’s of the new album and others. I understand all of the albums will go on sale with bonus tracks this Fall?

J: The thing is this, not everyone has the capacity to download off the Internet, so some of my fans have been requesting that I at least make the sale of my CD’s an option… so I will be providing that. Both free, and for sale, depending on what a person prefers. Of course if someone purchases one (for a low price, naturally), they will be getting the artwork on the CD, and a list of the songs, and an autograph, etc. I figure if somebody is kind enough to buy the CD, I might as well sign it! As far as bonus tracks on the CD’s for sale, yes, I plan on adding some…just to make them special.

Q: Will there still be new songs of the month?

J: Of course…I will still put a new free song up every month…I really enjoy doing that, and it keeps me creating in the studio.

Q: There are now two websites… why is that?

J: People were downloading so many songs that I ran out of what is called “storage space,” at my website….it was actually becoming a problem! So the only way I could manage was to have someone set up another sister site. It is working out great….

Q: How successful has the free downloading been?

J: Well, I think I kind of just answered that… so successful I had to add a new website!

Q: I understand you’ve had top ten hits at

J: I am very moved by that, because the competition is quite tremendous there. I have a number one hit in Brazilian Jazz, with four more in the top ten there, and a number one hit in Smooth Jazz, and others in the top twenty there, and number two at Christian music…with others in their top twenty there too. I am very flattered, because there are some artists on the charts that I consider very good.

Q: With the newsletter about to enter it’s 8th year, what kind of response have you gotten regarding the essays?

J: The essays connect me to a huge audience around the world…because even if someone isn’t interested in music per se, or can’t download, they can still read text… and now with my essays also in blog form at the new website,, it has opened the essays up to a whole new generation that loves blogs. A number of religious organizations thank me for the essays….that always makes me feel great.

Q: Can you share some thoughts you have on your music and essays?

J: How do you mean?

Q: For instance, where does the inspiration come from?

J: Ah, the mystery question (laughter) Where does all creativity come from… that is perhaps what you’re really asking, if you don’t mind me saying so. If you believe that a person can allow themselves to be open to the goodness of the Universe, then maybe I’ve answered your question….

Q: Well, that’s a mysterious answer to a mysterious question I guess!

J: It’s really very simple. Faith.

Q: I hear you. What can we look forward to from you this year?

J: After I complete the final song for “Peace in the Valley,” I am going to take a little break music-wise to prepare for the beginning of another new CD in the Fall. I will still write and send out the weekly essay, and the website will be continuously updated, but I need a little break to write some more songs for the next CD…I don’t even have a title for it yet. Also, I want to have a little time to get a suntan!!

Q: So there will be more new music in the Fall?

J: Absolutely….I am the happiest when I am writing and recording…..

Q: You had mentioned in our last interview something about doing videos at some point…

J: Oh yeah, that’s in the pipeline….the technology is moving towards what it is I am looking for.

Q: Please keep us posted as to when that will happen.

J: Sure.

Q: Thank you Ms Avalon…always a pleasure to talk with you.

J: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for being interested.

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