I wrote my latest song “America” because I feel that sometimes this country isn’t appreciated enough, either by people who live outside of it, or by those who live inside its borders. It has its faults, for sure (energy and healthcare must get under control, for instance) but overall, the basic principles upon which America was founded are to be admired, in my belief. We are still a relatively young country, compared to the rest of the world, and we make mistakes like a younger entity can, and does, but there are many, many good, solid people who live here, who work hard and have an open heart towards the rest of the world. We don’t have the advantage of a long history….sometimes we come up shortsighted….it might come across as arrogance at times, but it is really a lack of sophistication. Still, America is what she is….a thought born out of courageous minds, who envisioned a “melting pot” where all who needed a fresh start could begin again, through dreams and hard work. May she always hold a torch for those who need her Light.

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