AVALON: Timeless & Free

Aviator Records is proud to release Jennifer Avalon’s new CD Atrium, the latest addition to Jennifer’s remarkable career that over the past decade has reached over 90 countries. Atrium like her other CD’s can be completely downloaded for free at her website, www.jenniferavalon.net. Jennifer is another one of the few artists who are finding unusual ways to reach out and expand their fan base.

Atrium touches on all facets of Ms. Avalon’s muse, with new original material such as The Carnival, Milk and Honey, and One Good Deed, while offering unique versions of traditional classics like, Shenandoah, Loch Lomond, and her refreshing rendition of the World War I classic Pack Up Your Troubles. Atrium offers a little bit of magic for everyone, through the warm voice of a rare artist.

Contact: Michael Boland


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