Interview January 2003

Q: What’s been happening for you in the past couple of years?

A: Oh boy, that’s a big question. Personally, a lot has happened…my Dad passed away, I moved, and, for all of us, there was 9/11. As far as my career, it has been doing very well…I have been in the top ten at Boston radio, which services Harvard and MIT, etc., for quite awhile now. Friends tell me they hear my songs being played in retail stores and restaurants…especially this past Christmas.

Q: Tell me about MP3, and your music.

A: Okay. Well, I’ve had quite a bit of success at MP3. I’ve had five number ones, which I am grateful for. The spoken word essays seem to be doing well too…

Q: That was my next question. What has been the impact of your essays?

A: Recently someone wrote to me through e-mail, telling me my essays helped to save their life….it doesn’t get much better than that! I sometimes wonder if the people who say these things to me realize how much good it is for me to hear that, too. One wonders how their music and essays are affecting others, you know?

Q: Seeing that you’re originally from sunny California, how does it feel being settled in the Northeast?

A: As a child, growing up in the almost permanent sunshine of Southern California, I used to look in my history books at the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth, and the first Thanksgiving, and how the leaves were all gold and orange and red, and I used to feel a longing to experience that part of the United States…well, funny enough, here I ended up, in Massachusetts! I think often the things we long for as kids end up being a part of our lives later on, if we pursue our hearts. I plan on visiting Plymouth this year.

Q: Tell us a little about your upcoming projects.

A: 2003 will be a busy year for me. I plan to release a new CD called, “Letters from the Library,” which will have lyrics that parallel the essays. Later, in the Fall, my “Americana” CD will be released. I’m very excited about this. Traditional American music with a little twist. Periodically, new audio essays will be added to the website.

Q: I would like to ask you for some comments regarding some of your songs. specifically: Silent Witness, Prayer for Peace, your Christmas CD and Third Planet from The Sun?

A: “Silent Witness” was written for a couple who were separated by death….and how the one who has departed is still watching…is now the “Silent Witness.” Basically it’s about how we are never separated from loved ones, even when they pass on.

Q: And Prayer for Peace?”

A: “Prayer for Peace” has to do with the longing for peace in the world. The setting is the Middle East…..Jerusalem actually. I was there once, so as I wrote it I visualized sort of having a “birds-eye-view,” trying to see the bigger picture.

Q: Tell me a little about your Christmas CD, “Sounds of Bethlehem.”

A: That was pure joy to record, because I got to do my own interpretation of what I feel are some of the most beautiful songs in the world. I chose traditional Christmas songs…it was a holy experience for me, recording that one.

Q: And “Third Planet from The Sun?”

A: Again, a desire for mankind to see that we are being watched by God….and we are a globe spinning through space, the third planet from the sun, forever observed.

Q: It sounds like you’ve been quite personally involved with your songs. How does it feel, and how successful has it been, with the essays being available in audio?

A: The recorded essays are an interesting phenomena…I wasn’t sure how they would do initially, because sometimes people are turned off by the spoken word. But people seem to be really enjoying them, which is wonderful. “Faith” has been number one on the charts for quite awhile, at

Q: I guess you have to ask yourself, how long will it be before video streaming will become available at your website?

A: Well, I guess that’ll mean I have to brush my hair more often! It’s kind of nice being a bit incognito, but soon people will be able to see me perform in streaming video at my website, for sure. That’s the plan for the future….

Q: Tell us a little about Avalon Notes, and some of the other new website pages.

A: Avalon Notes will be about my thoughts on the topics of the day. It could be my take on world problems, politics, human rights, etc. Not trying to preach…but trying to express thoughts and solutions.

Q: How has the Internet evolved for your website over the past few years?

A: You know what’s really weird? The Internet seems to be coming towards me….I don’t even seem to have to go towards it. As the technology improves, so do my plans to reach more people….it just seems like an organic and natural progression.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own website?

A: First, don’t even think about doing it unless it is a passion, and you are willing to put time into it. Otherwise, it’s not worth the time and effort, really. You have to love being a part of the global community….because you do reach worldwide.

Q: What can we look forward to in your future writings?

A: Stay tuned…..there’s a lot more to come!

Q: I understand you have a few dogs…how have they affected your life?

A: I have several shih-tzu’s…they are Tibetan dogs, who are actually more like my children….each one has their own personality….they are so kind, and lovable, and at the same time, great little watchdogs. I think it’s healthy to give and to receive as much unconditional love in one’s life as possible….pets provide that opportunity.

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