The Language of the Soul

Each day our voices and actions glide along, parallel lines of communication. On the surface, we use our vocal language of birth or choice, while subliminally our souls interact. Some of the words we use speak to the mind….while others, touch the heart. Physical and spiritual communication have a profound affect on us as human beings. While we may all speak different physical languages, our souls communicate as one.
Place a group of individuals in a room who speak an assortment of languages, be it English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, etc., and after a while they will find a way to communicate. We may say that their bodies and actions represent their thoughts, but sometimes unknowingly, could it possibly be that their souls started communicating before they made one physical gesture? If we realize that we transfer information through our souls, and accept it as a forgone conclusion, we may have a better understanding of the relationships in our lives.

Many around the world visit their House of Worship weekly….some daily. Wouldn’t it be wondrous if all that do, take that Holiness out into their daily interactions. Prayer and Belief are not meant to stop at the exit of a House of Worship. What is learned and felt inside is meant to bloom and grow in the sun. We are all children of God….though we may speak different languages and dialects, we all have within us the language of God. The soul understands the language of the Heavens….it is the body that loses the translation. If the world is to continue to prosper and grow, the leaders and authorities of mankind must embrace our common language.

In the physical world, words can be misunderstood….in the spiritual realm, no words need be said. Truth is Truth. Not someone’s interpretation of it. These are troubling times…once again, for the children of God. But if we just open our hearts, we just may be able to hear each other. The sound of Heaven is Peace and Love…until we hear that sound on Earth, there is work to be done.

Hear the choir,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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