It’s October in New England….leaves haven’t changed yet in Massachusetts, but I did light a fire in the fireplace the other evening…this is one of my favorite times of the year. Coming in from the cold into the warmth….

May all of you know that feeling, even if you live in a sunny climate year round. From darkness to light, from chilly to warm, from a frown to a smile….

Long time, no entries…sorry about that! I do communicate quite often on my Facebook page…always feel welcome to visit me there. So much has happened since I last wrote….many terrible weather conditions in the United States, and, I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan, after the earthquake. I found the people there to be remarkable in their perseverence and dedication to maintaining stability, and a graciousness that was amazing under such circumstances. In my own state of Massachusetts we had terrifying tornadoes rip through part of the state….folks are still cleaning up and rebuilding. It was wonderful to see the many tree removal guys, and others who flooded the damaged areas to help.

 I am just completing a brand new song for my July Song of the Month. Please check back!

Returned this weekend to  the Hudson River Valley where I spent 7 years living, to have a visit. Felt great to be back in the mountains, and near the peace of the river, near Storm King Mountain. Though I love the coast, and the beach, there is somethng about the mountains that always pulls me to them. That is where I know my Mom wanted some of her ashes to be, so I respected her wishes, and may she Rest in Peace, and may God have Mercy on her Soul. Peace be with all of us…..

Every time I see newscasts about the Gulf of Mexico and the oil spill, I feel such sadness. I hope a good, reliable solution happens real soon, because what happens to the fish in the sea will someday happen to all of us, if we don’t learn how to manage and preserve our natural world.

Watching the evening news is truly scary these days. For example,  the flooding in Nashville, Tennessee breaks my heart, as Nashville is such a wonderful city….full of folks who make really fine music, and who are creative souls. I have always enjoyed my times there. The flooding that’s going on in other parts of the country are terrible also. May God and His Angels help heal the hearts and minds of those who have lost loved ones and/or their belongings, and may the healing and repairs begin as soon as possible. Americans are hardy folks….but we can all use a helping hand during difficult times…..

My heart goes out to the people of Chile devastated by the latest earthquake in the news….this, after the terrible one in Haiti! May God have mercy on all of us, because we are all connected as one human family.

 These are strange times indeed, but one must never give up Hope. There have been many times in American History, and World History for that matter, that “tried men’s souls,” as they say. It is how we handle adversity that marks our true character, and always remember that the most beautiful of roses can only grow where there are shadows.

First, my heart goes out to those murdered and wounded at Fort Hood…what a terrible situation! May God Bless the Souls who have departed, and may God Bless the wounded and heal them as quickly as possible. And for today, Veteran’s Day, may God Bless all those who serve our country, now, and in the past. To be a Patriot is to believe in the goodness of this country, and to defend Goodness in any shape or form, with the result being possible self-sacrifice, is the Ultimate Goodness of all.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written in my journal. Like most of you, my life has been very hectic (I feel like I’m always saying that!) The good news is I have been given songwriting assignments for movies, and have really been enjoying it. I find that no matter what’s going on in my life, when I concentrate on creating music it is very good for me. We all need positive things to focus on in this crazy world.

A Blessed Memorial Day to all those who serve and defend our country….and may folks think twice before they critisize the very people and organizations that keep our Freedom “Free.”