Good News At Last! Captain Phillips has been rescued from the pirates! And, he is a true hero, because he was willing to sacrifice his own life for his shipmates….a rare thing indeed among mankind. These types of true stories help to lift all of our spirits during these strange times. Also, kudos to the Navy Seals who helped rescue Captain Phillips….brave souls, and some of our finest. May they all relax now, and enjoy a well-deserved peaceful Easter Sunday.

I always intend to write more frequently, but as a wise person once claimed, “Life gets in the way!” It’s unbelievable how time flys by. I remember when I was little how time  stretched endlessly on a seemingly flowing canvas. I couldn’t wait to be “older,” and get to do fun things, like my older siblings seemed to be doing. It’s only as we become older that we realize more responsibility is placed on us, and doing fun things has to be fit into “the schedule!” C’est la vie…..

This time of year gets so hectic, that I find it’s difficult to make the time just to relax. I am also one of those people who keeps an eye on domestic and world news on a daily basis…I want the connection to the world, but at the same time, can only find peace of mind in solitude…I guess that’s one of the dilemmas of being a human being, right? In this Holiday Season may God help heal all the wounded, may the Grace of the Lord help us all to see one another as one huge family, and may each of us find the Peace of Mind that the Savior left us with….no matter what walk of life we come from.

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here in my journal…this was truly a hectic few months for me. It is hard for me to believe that by the day after tomorrow, probably by late evening, America will know who her next President will be! No matter what, I can say that I am very surprised by the overall lack of support for the two females in the race….Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton….two very different women, from two very different parties. But, I will stay up late Tuesday to see what the future holds, and, as the saying goes, “May the best man win!!”

Having spent most of my childhood in California, it is very difficult for me to see some of my favorite “haunts” like Big Sur (Nepenthe, Big Sur Inn, Ventana, etc.) and also parts of the Santa Barbara area, like where my eldest brother was born, in Montecito, be affected by the fires and smoke. Even the places that, thankfully, haven’t been burned, are affected by the smoke from the fires. It isn’t easy to grow up in a place that becomes endangered by fires, mudslides, and earthquakes now and then….but I suppose there are natural disasters in all parts of the world…one learns to live with it, and, hopefully, survive it.  The places where these things occur are often some of the prettiest places on earth, strangely enough, and many of the folks who live in these places wouldn’t trade them for any other place. I moved East many years ago, but still hold a special place in my heart for the rugged coast of California…may the fires soon be vanquished, and the healing begin….. 

Recently when I turned on the television I was horrified to see the destruction from forces of nature occuring in Myanmar…and now this week, more destruction from the earthquake in China! My heart and prayers goes out to all those suffering….may God help them recover and heal as soon as possible…..

Living in the northeast, I am so ready for springlike weather, it’s not funny! It has been overcast for awhile now….but I see the yellow and purple crocuses starting to sprout up through the earth, and tiny buds on some of the trees…..the promise of Spring! Having spent my childhood in a warmer climate, where the sun was almost always shining, I find the last two months of winter in the northeast a little difficult….I think it’s the lack of light, more than anything. I am definitely a person who needs the light. As soon as it is warm enough (and even when it hasn’t been!) I will sit outside and turn my face towards the sun…..

Well, I have had the flu for the past week or so….for those of you who haven’t had it, please take good care of yourselves and try not to get it! It’s no fun! Fever, cough, aches…the usual flu stuff. The past 2 days my fever has gone, so I know I am almost completely well. It really is true that health is our greatest wealth, as the old saying goes. Apparently the “Influenza B” that I have can only be passed to humans and seals, according to the doctor. Isn’t that interesting? Each day as I get better I appreciate the amazing complexity of the human body and how it fights to restore itself to good health. Our job is to help it along as much as possible.

Well, 2008 is just around the corner, and I want to wish each and every one of my fans a Happy and Healthy New Year!! It’s amazing the difference each year makes in our lives, isn’t it? And it’s also amazing how time flies as we move along in Life. Stretch, take a deep breath, and lets all wish each other and the world a more peaceful and harmonious existence, because that is what we come from, and that is where we shall return someday.

I sometimes lie in bed at night and think about how different this world could be, if only enough of us put our hearts and minds to it. Common Sense could reign, and that would be a real beginning towards figuring out solutions to the problems that face all of us. There really is something to using logic, and common sense, and trusting one’s heart. Have you ever noticed how a child’s response to a question or thought is usually filled with common sense? They don’t confuse themselves, and usually leave us dumbfounded about how they got to their “logic.” Even if the answer may seem simplistic, the truth is, most solutions to our problems are really simple…it’s just figuring out how to implement them. That’s where common sense comes in. So here’s to the simple answers, to what seems like complicated problems!:)