Today they are expecting hurricane force winds in my State of Massachusetts. It seems that nearly every part of the United States has been hit with some force of nature recently…the Midwest with tornadoes and floods, the West Coast with fires and earthquakes, the South with drought, and now the Eastern Seaboard with hurricane force winds. Mother Nature is to be respected….she will remind us, if we forget. On a different note, my new song “Moon Over Tuscany” was just put up at the website. I am dedicating the song to the opera singer who passed away, Lucianno Pavarotti, for helping to bring opera to the masses. May he rest in peace….and I hope he enjoys the song, from afar!:)

This is great news I have to share….because of the London Times mentioning my music in their Entertainment Section, England is now the second largest community of fans I have behind the United States! That shows the power of the newspaper media. Over 80 other countries download my music also…I am particularly touched by France, who write wonderful reviews regarding my music. The others prove their “fanship” by the amount of downloads (which I can track) This is what helps to keep me going, as an artist. In the United States, Art is not celebrated the same way as it is in other countries….generally, the lowest common denominator is promoted here in the States. The opposite can be said for overseas. Maybe we, as Americans, have something to learn from our overseas neighbors? They have a rich history of promoting the Arts….

I know I always seem to be saying this, but it’s been a very hectic past few months. There have been tremendous family blessings, and just today I heard from a family member that my music and website were mentioned yesterday in the London Times! Wow! I am very touched by that. Working long and hard on my music, I am always happy when it has a chance to be discovered and enjoyed by as many fans as possible. Thank you London Times!!:)

The latest song added on the website is one written in 1992 called “Hold On To Your Freedom”…as applicable now as then! I am also working on the sixth song for my next album, “Atrium.” The song is dedicated to Lucianno Pavarotti, who helped to bring opera to the masses. Even if you don’t like opera, one has to admire that he understood that music is meant to be understood and loved by the people…not just for the few who can afford it. May he rest in peace.

I just saw on the news the terrible tragedy that happened at Virginia Tech…apparently an unidentified gunman basically shot up a roomful of students, then shot himself. Flashbacks to the Colombine school incident come to mind. One has to wonder what possesses someone to “lose it” like that….whenever someone tells me they don’t believe there is such a thing as Evil, I cringe, because if something like these incidents aren’t evil, then what is? My prayers go out to the students who left this world today, and to their suffering families, and to those students who are wounded, in the local hospitals. God be with them all.

Life is good….even though it gets incredibly hectic at times, and often painful to watch the evening news, I am grateful to be here, and to be able to make my contribution. Each of us are special beings, with special talents and gifts….if we all really knew that we are made in God’s image, and hold a special place in His heart, I think this world would be a kinder place. People would think twice about hurting one another, since we are all-connected, and loved beyond measure.

Yesterday a friend of mine showed me the latest photos of Britney Spears, on the web, the ones where she is getting out of Paris Hilton’s car, with her private parts showing. I recall that Britney had an approximately 36 hour Las Vegas marriage not so long ago, an onstage kiss with Madonna, a recent two year marriage with a divorce in the works, and two babies with her soon-to-be-ex who already has two illegitimate children with a previous female…. and now this? I don’t know if anyone else feels it, but I think the poor girl is having an emotional meltdown, and crying for help…is anyone listening? Where are her parents, her friends, her closest “buddies”? It is when a person shows signs that they are de-stabilizing, that they need those people the most!

It’s been a while since I last posted. It seems very hectic these days. I do two television shows a month, and am adding a third. One is my show, and two are volunteer for other organizations that I believe in (one for seniors, and one for my church) I am in the middle of finishing a video for the song “Shenandoah,” and have begun composing a new song. In between all this is life…aging parents, aging pets, and the crazy world at large (the Anna Nicole Smith story, for instance!) and the war, of course. My prayers go out to our soldiers to keep them safe, and my heart goes out to the poor little baby of Anna Nicole Smith and ? the father. She may ultimately be very wealthy, the little baby, but at what price?

Next week will be time to vote….sometimes I don’t feel like it, but I realize the incredible sacrifices that so many have made to let me have the freedom to vote, and in their honor, I will never let the mundane chores of daily life keep me from taking the time to vote….the precious privilege that so many of us just take for granted.

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last posted. So much is going on these days…I think for everyone, not just myself. To try to stay de-stressed is difficult, but mandatory. For myself, the first thing to remember is to breathe…I find myself holding my breath sometimes. I must always try to remember that breathing is our physical connection to God…

In the case of the actor Mel Gibson, I believe you cannot hold someone accountable for whatever they may say if they are drunk, or “under the influence.” If that were the case, then all documents signed when someone has been proven to be “under the influence,” or even “under duress,” would be legal….which they are not. In fact, in those intances, the documents are thrown out of court.