Interview February 2003

Q: Bring us up to date on what’s been going on

A: Okay. I’ve been working on new songs for my next CD actually, and continuing to write and send out my free newsletter…not to mention taking care of my many doggies

Q: Yes, I’ve heard you’re quite the dog lover!

A: Quite the animal lover, really

Q: Tell us about your new recording

A: I am very excited about this next CD. I am enjoying making this one as much as I enjoyed recording my Christmas CD “Sounds of Bethlehem.” There will be original songs, and also I’m doing a few cover songs of some of my favorites from the past, like “Amazing Grace,” for instance. It is an acoustic album….I’m really enjoying it.

Q: That’s great. Can’t wait to have a listen to it. How do you feel about the current music conditions?

A: That’s a loaded question! The music business is in a real upheaval. Many artists feel they got “taken” by their labels, over the years, and music buyers are becoming used to getting music for free on the Internet, and feel angry at the record labels for, in some cases, trying to sue the Internet music swappers. I say, why sue the very people you want to sell to? Kind of silly, don’t you think? At the same time, artists need to be compensated. Art and commerce are like oil and water…they have a tough time blending together.

Q: How do you think it will all end up?

A: Well, there will probably be compromises along the way. The good part of it is that the playing field is being leveled, meaning, more artists can have their music heard because of the Internet, without having to go through the old ways of distribution, which, frankly, have been somewhat corrupted over the years.

Q: Speaking of distribution, are there plans for an Avalon Store?

A: A store? To sell music, you mean?

Q: Yes…on the Internet.

A: Sure. I am going to sell directly at my website, aside from at MP3 and other Internet venues.

Q: Your free newsletter is almost 7 years old now….how do you feel about it?

A: I love writing those essays for my newsletter…it gives me a chance to become very focused on certain topics and issues. There is so much going on in the world and in our lives these days…I too need a chance to take a deep breath once in a while and just “think.” I have a very devoted following with the newsletter…I just love those people. A lot of them feel like friends at this point, even though I’ve never actually seen them or met them….just from sharing thoughts. It’s great. That’s the real beauty of the Internet…the human connections.

Q: What can we look forward to from your website in the future?

A: Well, aside from selling the records at my website, I am also continuing to put up a new quote daily from the essays, and soon there will be video capability where I will perform some of my stuff in video format…so folks can see me making a fool of myself…just kidding!

Q: We can look forward to seeing you “live…in the flesh?”

A: As close to live as you can get…behind a screen, so to speak.. video. Maybe I’ll put one of my doggies in the video.. would you like that?

Q: Sure.. anything to see you live!

A: That’s very sweet of you.

Q: Thanks so much Jennifer….we wish you all the best of luck with everything you do.

A: Thank you.

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