The Big Picture

Life is just one Big Picture. Thoughts, hopes, wishes, and dreams melt into time and space. One pot of Universal Soup where each one of us are an ingredient. The flavor of Eternity, where all get to contribute. The purpose of Being and the reason for Now. The Big Picture includes Everything.

Our entire lives are made up of stages….each one unto itself may reveal little…but over time the landscape emerges, and the details become crystal clear. If we live our lives just focusing on each stage, we miss the purpose of “why.” The grand picture is a part of each moment. Like all great painters, the goal is to see the canvas, while it is being created. We hold the brush while God provides the paint. One sees illusion….while the other sees reality. Both are right. For life is part illusion, and part reality. In the gallery of Heaven, hangs all our paintings….each day evolving as we add new colors….until one day our painting is completed, and we get to go to the gallery to see it.

Every masterpiece reveals joy and pain. The combination of these two ingredients provide uniqueness. In the gallery of Heaven no two pictures look the same. Life and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Through our life’s experiences, we gain the ability to absorb each and every picture in the gallery. Each soul has much in common….while the brush may use different strokes, the paint provides the glue to bond all the strokes together. A Universe of painters, sketching their way home. The Big Picture is the canvas of our lives.

The picture shows the shadows and the light, our hearts and our minds, where we started, and where we left off. Each action and decision….hurling us towards completion. The Big Picture shows that while we were sometimes placing paint on what appeared to us to be just a tiny corner of our lives, we were actually accomplishing a much bigger task….the completion of our masterpiece. In the eyes of God the beauty is in the effort. The gallery is open to All….and All will cross through its threshold.

Keep painting,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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