Human Weather

Our planet is constantly being affected by weather conditions. Tranquil skies, breezy deserts, golden sun, windswept rain, snowy blizzards, etc., all having the potential of affecting us greatly. Consistently we check the weather forecast before planning our days…could it possibly be that around us is a condition called “Human Weather?” Do we too get influenced by the emotional conditions that surround us….maybe so? Human Weather can have just as much, if not more, of an affect over our lives. As a smile can bring sunshine, a frown can deliver a cloud. Awareness of our emotional climate may help us weather oncoming storms.

The next few days, in my neck of the woods, snow is being forecasted. Today, at the grocery store, I noticed many stocking up on food and preparing to hunker down, rarely realizing emotional weather reports. Could it be that that which affects us the most goes by unnoticed? Would a sailor sail out to sea without first checking which way the wind is blowing? Why then do we find it so hard to see the Human Weather around us?

We all know “Good Weather” people…we interact with them and always feel better about ourselves and them afterwards. “Bad Weather” people, on the other hand, can leave us feeling battered and cold. Weather reports have to be updated daily…but after a while one gets an inkling of a sun on the horizon, or storm clouds forming. Awareness is the total key. Wouldn’t it be strange if not only each morning we checked the weather in the newspaper or on television, but also our schedules to see what emotional weather awaits us. To be human is to live, to live is to grow, to grow is to evolve, to evolve is to become enlightened. Along the journey, one learns to face the weather, and overcome.

As a human community, we can be the sunshine on the shoulders, or the rain on the parade. The choice is ours….but let’s not ever be mistaken….each and every one of us not only affects our own weather, but also the atmosphere of everyone we meet.

Let the sun shine in,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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