Interview October 2003

Q: So Jennifer, some changes since we last spoke!

J: Yes….pretty radical to give all my music away for free, huh?

Q: Well, yes, as a matter of fact. Why are you letting people download for free?

J: As I mentioned in a letter at my website, I believe the entertainment model is broken. The Internet file sharing folks will just keep coming up with new ways around anything that tries to block them….and it is becoming a war between the record companies, who, I think, are foolishly trying to sue the very people they need to keep their business model going, and the customer, who feels that record store prices for music are too high, and access too limited. What happens to the music lover who wants to find a copy of a song written in the 1940s, for instance, that he can’t find in the record stores….the Internet is the only place, and that’s where people have been sharing music for a while.

Q: Yes, forty-million people a week, apparently. Tell us a little about your donation model that you have at your site now.

J: Ah yes….I’ve decided to depend on the kindness of others to keep it going….I have a lot of traffic at my website, and every little bit will help and really add up eventually….that’s how I figure it. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and make as much or more than I did when selling my CD’s. I also like the idea that when something is given away for free, more people have access to it. I really am basically a public library sort of girl:)

Q: Public library? How do you mean…

J: Well, the concept of a lending library is very wonderful, to me. People can come and go, like file sharing on the Internet…. exchanging music, exchanging ideas, for free….but the library depends on donations to keep it going. Some of the most wonderful things in our society are based on free, but kept going by donations. Do you know what I mean? There’s something good about letting people decide what they think something is worth….instead of telling them what it’s worth….know what I mean?

Q: Yes….I suppose you could say that television in it’s early stages went through that process….it was free, but advertisers picked up the tab.

J: Yes.

Q: What do you see ahead for yourself and the website?

J: Lots of stuff….I am currently recording a new album, so I will be putting up a new song from it every few weeks, on the website. The CD will be called, “Peace In The Valley”….I am very excited about it, and am loving recording it. Down the line I will be making little mini-videos, which I think I mentioned in the last interview. God willing, of course!:)

Q: You have a strong sense of Faith, don’t you….that seems to come across even as I sit here with you….

J: People sometimes say that they feel a sense of peace around me….is that what you mean?

Q: Yes. It’s also in your music.

J: The Arts are God-given, as far as I’m concerned. That’s why they should be free….and that’s why the people should be given the chance to determine their value….

Q: It’s quite a different approach in music delivery…

J: Yes, and some people are going to tell me I’m nuts!!

Q: Well, I think you’re a unique and brave soul.

J: We shall see!! No, I’m just kidding….most people are really honorable, believe me.

Q: Exciting times ahead for you Jennifer….I’ll be watching….we all will.

J: Thanks so much.

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