The Gift of Life

From the day we breathe our first breath, we are inundated with sights and sounds that shape our consciousness. With each breath, we are allowed to continue the journey through the fields of mortality. This Gift of Life should never be taken for granted….far too many have fought so hard to defend it, and hold on for just one more day. As we rise each morning, we are given a chance to bask in the wonderment of Divine Creation.

Physical existence is simply a dance between life and death. Each year we push forward to the next….to continue our quest of growth, and a greater understanding of who we are, and why we are here…until the day comes for us to leave. I used to have quite a different opinion of life and death….but over the years I have learned to see that at some point, death is a gift too. How so, you may ask? Well, a person sick and in pain, or inflicted with a terminal disease that is so excruciating, will at some point pray to be let go. To quote singer/songwriter Warren Zevon, who last week passed away from lung cancer, “To not live is a sin.” Warren embraced his final months with dignity and humor. Many of his friends were known to have heard him say, “I just want to live long enough to see the next James Bond movie!”, and, “It’s important to enjoy every sandwich!” Last Sunday Warren peacefully passed away, while taking an afternoon nap. His final months were spent recording a new CD called, oddly enough, “The Wind.” A fine example of a man who grasped his life and accepted his death. In his last interview, he said, “I’ve been very lucky…I’ve had the chance to live two lives…the first one, a crazy rock star, ranting and raving around the stage each night, and the other, twenty years of sobriety where I got to spend valuable time with my family.”

Life indeed is a series of stages. From birth to death and all the in-between. Seeing that no one yet has been able to live forever, death becomes the final gift of life. It is not an end, but a new beginning. To overcome the fear of death is perhaps the ultimate gift of life, because in doing so, every moment has value. Life is really nothing more than a grandiose vacation, where one day it is time to go home.

Live the Gift,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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