The Lake

Let’s imagine for a moment that our life is a lake in the middle of a forest…. calm, serene, with greenery all around us. The perfect setting for a peaceful life, except in this world, is it realistic to believe that this perfect picture cannot change? Our peaceful lake unfortunately is exposed to all the elements and winds of change that life can throw at it. As much as we prepare, it is always wise to expect the unexpected.

Rain, wind, sun and evolving landscapes are what our lake has to contend with. There is life and death as we travel the shores of time, yet, why do we expect our own individual lives to have a different climate than the lake? Aren’t we too exposed to all the elements? For humans it’s just a touch different…yet not by much. Like the lake, we have our share of good days and bad ones…and still we go on. The acceptance of reality is key. We learn like the lake to preserve ourselves….to grow, to become stronger, so that the next time we are hit with adversity, we have better defenses to weather the storm. Like the lake, around us are other forms of life…we all battle the same weather. The winds may blow at us, but our neighbors too are confronted with it’s breath also….. there are people sharing the same tapestry of life. Acceptance of change is one of the hardest things we mere mortals must do. We fight it, but eventually it happens. Don’t feel alone…there is not a living creature that doesn’t have to come to terms with change….even the lake.

On a starry night, look up at the Heavens…take a glimpse for a moment of all the life that surrounds you….and somewhere, in some forest, is a lake reflecting the same moonlight. We all share the Heavens…..

Love thy neighbor,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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