I know I always seem to be saying this, but it’s been a very hectic past few months. There have been tremendous family blessings, and just today I heard from a family member that my music and website were mentioned yesterday in the London Times! Wow! I am very touched by that. Working long and hard on my music, I am always happy when it has a chance to be discovered and enjoyed by as many fans as possible. Thank you London Times!!:)

The latest song added on the website is one written in 1992 called “Hold On To Your Freedom”…as applicable now as then! I am also working on the sixth song for my next album, “Atrium.” The song is dedicated to Lucianno Pavarotti, who helped to bring opera to the masses. Even if you don’t like opera, one has to admire that he understood that music is meant to be understood and loved by the people…not just for the few who can afford it. May he rest in peace.

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