Art, for Arts Sake

Many of us out there tweak and dabble around our basements, garages, and spare rooms, delving into our hobbies and passions that, surprisingly, sometimes become our livelihood. Arts and talents are gifts from the Creator…their purpose is to communicate and establish dialogue between us and God. Art, talents, and hobbies can be used to enhance mankind, and help us develop a greater understanding of why we are here, and what it is we are supposed to do. Sometimes these talents can run amok….and veer off into dark waters, yet, it is in the hands of those with the talents to take responsibility and guide the Art towards the atmosphere of Heaven.

In our society Art has had a price placed over its head….it’s value is determined by how much money and riches it brings in. Does the cream rise to the top? or with a good manager and public relations campaign, can you eventually fool the many with junk? Arts main purpose is to enhance the quality of life…to bring us into alignment with our Creator…unfortunately, these days one starts to wonder…have we totally lost touch with the fundamentals of what Art is all about?

Art is the landscape where we can ask questions, congregate, and formulate answers to the problems facing our lives on a daily basis. Art is supposed to elevate our society, embrace what is right, and examine and correct what is wrong. One stroll past the checkout counter at any supermarket, with the rags on sale, and the gossip flowing, one has to wonder, is society’s elevator going up? or down? Is the statute of stardom and the standard of Art determined by the number of times one has been to rehab? It’s quite easy for a person to be suspicious that perhaps the goal of Hollywood is to build them up, and watch them fall.

So out there, if you are a painter, designer, performer, builder, etc., tweak away! you are not foolish….Art is the gift. It doesn’t matter how much money you make at it….the gift itself is the blessing.

Dream on,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2007 Jennifer Avalon

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