The Source

It’s so easy in life to just drift….floating along, not quite knowing where we’re going. We ask questions and we get no answers, and before too long, a sense of confusion and fear can easily overtake us. All the while, right within our reach is a switch that can activate a beam of light that reaches through the clouds into the Heavens. The Source is there, for the asking. It doesn’t impose, it doesn’t barge in….it waits for a request.

For many years I used to believe that my life was totally my responsibility and everything was within my control. That would be great, if my name was God, but it’s not! I don’t have all the answers….and I one day came to the conclusion that I can’t, like many, do it alone….I need The Source. While I will continue to once in a while make mistakes, The Source never fails to show me a way to correct them. While I am not a religious fanatic, for me, being a Christian, The Source is the Holy Spirit (the Breath of God)

The Source (Breath of God) has been called many names in different religions, but at the end of the day The Source is the current by which our bodies and souls are fused….a personal telephone line to the essence of our Creation that echoes through the Universe. Like all forms of communication, at first the reception may take time to come in clearly, but eventually the distance evaporates. The Source is not there to do all the work for us….but it lends a helping hand to show us the direction to arrive at a conclusion. When one embraces The Source, the thought of life without it feels empty. Each breath of air that we breathe is the proof for me that The Source exists. It’s all around us…we just have allow ourselves to see it, feel it, and touch it. As long as there is life, there is The Source.

Every day, in some way, we are always reminded how temporary and precious life is. One long vacation or journey that eventually comes to an end. Death is not a punishment….it is a doorway to the city of God where The Source originates. Life and Death can be changed in the blink of an eye….while all the while The Source continues. If all we see is the physical, we become trapped in our bodies, yet, by being mere mortals we cannot be totally Souls…somewhere in-between on the road of Eternity, we can rendezvous with The Source.

It could be a prayer, or just a simple conversation….The Source listens. It may not be there to help you win the lottery, but it can spring forth to make one a better person. The greatest gift in life is peace of mind….and that has to be earned every day. All The Source asks is that we come half the way….
Breathe deeply,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Hang in There

Are you feeling a little more stressed than usual? No kidding….welcome to the summer of 2004! So let’s see…what on earth could be so stressful these days? Well, let’s check the menu: Bizarre weather, fires raging in the Western part of the United States, flooding in the Eastern states, two political conventions where the expectation of a terrorist attack is a foregone conclusion, and last, but not least, the Athens Olympic Games in August…and, all the while, the Middle East continues to be a center of turmoil. The multitude of television and radio stations are never far from our eyes and ears, to help us remember these events any time during the day. Stressed out? Naw….
So here we are, heading towards the end of July…going about our lives, while written on each person’s face is not only general fear, but also personal struggles too. You’re not a fool thinking that what we are facing these days are unique and monumental events. Where once weapons of mass destruction were laid to rest in the hands of opposing countries, today with some cash and a little know-how, the guy down the street could easily turn his home into a factory. On the surface, we look at life on a horizontal playing field…..yet, underneath, in the subconscious, there is a little voice saying “What on earth is going on?” Even the best optimists are struggling.
The way that I am trying to deal with all of this is with the proverbial phrase, “One day at a time.” As I write this essay, I look at tomorrow as a precious gem of Time given to me by the Heavens. It is so easy to take that gem for granted, yet, with all that is going on, the gem of Time has become more valuable. Each day circling my thoughts I say to myself, “Will the world look the same a month from now?” All I can do is take each gem of Time, polish it, and make it shine the best I can. Really, what truly matters is what we do with those gems that become our lives. Will we make our own unique individual contributions? This we have control over….our personal decisions that chart our own rare and special course. So if you feel discouraged, or disillusioned, grab a hold of that gem of Time…hold it in the palms of your hands, squeeze it, feel it, and mold it into something beautiful.
Each drop of rain has a voice….each river flows to the sea, each Soul climbs the ladder to infinity. All leave behind a message. A beginning, a middle, and no end. hang in there,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon


This being Fourth of July weekend here in the United States, we celebrate our Independence Day. The blueprint that stands to this day (The Declaration of Independence) represents the beginnings of a nation that stands for “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.” The Founding Fathers wrote this document as a foundation for the United States to build upon…even today it is a work in progress. As history has shown, America still had much to learn about equality and liberty….but this document has evolved for each generation to improve upon. It may not have been perfect, but as time as proven, it represents, perhaps, the most successful form of government in modern times.

We too have within us a blueprint that can be written down on paper as a guide to help us evolve and become more productive and happier people in our lives. All around us are tools that we can use to create this personal portfolio. The Bible, the encyclopedia, and many other books can present ideas that we can use to better ourselves as people. Will our own personal blueprint contain all the facts and all the ultimate knowledge? Maybe not, but as we live on we will fine-tune and improve our own document to grow stronger and more secure.

There are so many things that try daily to rob us of the power that we have over our own lives…and it’s very easy at the end of the day to look at your hands and see nothing. If we just create tools, like a blueprint, they can be the maps to show us the way when the weather gets rough. It is your life…nobody knows it better than you. Sometimes we wish somebody could do the work for us….but like the Founding Fathers, we too sense what we need to find stability, health and happiness.

The Declaration of Independence, the document on which the United States of America was built, shows us that it is possible to improve one’s life and find a better way. This weekend, over 228 years later, it still stands as a beacon for all those in search of freedom. The United States is not perfect, and still to this day has alot to learn….but at least changes can be made to make it better. A work in progress…. and so, too, is mankind…..

Happy Independence Day,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

The Fine Line

There was a time not too long ago where you could have different political and philosophical viewpoints from issue to issue. On one subject you could have a liberal slant….while on another, a conservative opinion….but that was the world pre-9/11. The Fine Line these days could not be any slimmer.

Who is to blame for this narrowing of the middle ground? unfortunately, both sides. More and more we are being forced to make a choice to be here, or there, where being an independent political thinker is being scorned by both. The Fine Line from both the Far Left, and the Far Right, has become public enemy number one. The shout of whether you are with us, or against us, could not be any louder.

As we head towards the November Presidential election here in the United States, just like the year 2000, the country is, according to polls, evenly split with just a few states to decide the outcome. A small shrinking number of independent voters are the only ones that will probably sway the election one way or another. Everyone else seems to have already made up their minds, and it’s looking like the year 2000 all over again. The year 2004 brings with it a few more subjects to add to the stew….terrorism, war, homeland security, gay marriage, and as always, the economy. With the Fine Line almost disappearing, within the next couple of years these subjects are going to be on the front lines of our lives. We are going to have to choose where we stand, definitively. There will be no room for indecision, or wavering…it will come down to state now, or forever hold your peace. With a country so divided, and a two-party system doing battle, it will not matter who gets elected, Bush or Kerry…these new hurdles will not go away. All it may take is for the United States to be hit one or more times and the perceptions of many could change on a dime. At that point, civil liberties and rights won’t matter….what we will be talking about then is survival of life as we know it. I am not an alarmist, I’m just being very realistic. The war on terrorism is a new battle that we’re going to have to learn to fight one way or another. All the past rules of engagement cannot be applied. This weekend an American civilian, Paul Johnson, was beheaded on international television, by terrorists. This is the third such occurrence with perhaps more to follow. Only a fool would say that when all this is finished, the world will not be a different place.

The only room that I feel is left for dialogue is within the unity of our true religious belief systems. If the Holiest of Holy books are placed on a table, and used as a blueprint for the lives of humanity, Christians, Jews, and Muslims would find common ground. Without these books, it will be nearly impossible, because so many of the world’s government structures have been built upon these beliefs. How long can it be before one madman or a group of them gets their hands on a nuclear warhead? Surely, the God of Jesus, Abraham, and Mohammed can shine a light through the darkness. The true beliefs of our world religions can bring about the best in mankind, while the distorters of the Word engulf us in turmoil. The stress that we are feeling in regard to these issues is not our imagination…it’s real. The Fine Line can be a good place for dialogue, but some have used it as a place to hide. The ultimate question mankind is going to have to ask itself will be, can we live in a world where the Laws of God are not recognized? As long as the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening, someone else controls the Universe other than man.

choose wisely,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Give & Take

Each day brings with it a fresh new supply of energy. It is left to us to contemplate how much of it we give away, and how much we keep. If all we do is keep giving and giving, before too long we can find ourselves running on empty. Yet, if we keep it all for ourselves, we can easily suffocate on self-centeredness.

Yes, I know, one more set of decisions that we have to tackle each day….but the mix and the balance of this dilemma is important to get right. Helping others and providing a service can motivate and change lives. A kind word, or a casual gesture can move a mountain…it always seems to be the simple things that mean the most. I recently had a conversation with a waiter in a local restaurant. I always notice that whenever I see him, he always has a smile on his face, and a kind word or two for everyone. I asked him one say, “Jim, you seem to be running a mile a minute…do you ever run out of gas?” He replied, “I’ll tell ya Jennifer, once or twice during my shift I have to take a few minutes to breathe in and recharge the batteries.” Jim is a great waiter, and it became obvious to me that there had to be moments where he had to take five minutes here or there to cool his heels. A couple of times a year this same fellow told me he always goes camping to get in touch with nature for a little rest and relaxation. I guess there’s only so much you can take from the well, until you have to replenish it.

On the other side of the equation is sitting back and doing nothing for anyone other than yourself. Hey it’s easy to say some days, why do I do this? Why do I run myself ragged? still, are we meant to keep our life force all to ourselves? Unfortunately, there is also someone I know who never fails to take from each person he comes in contact with and give nothing back. Each time I run into him I’m always left with the same feeling about him…he is materially wealthy but spiritually poor. I gave it my best shot one day, and said to him, “Hey Brad, I think it would be a good idea to help Kathy down the street…she’s looking for someone to wait with her for the bus to come.” He replied, “I don’t have time for any of that junk…besides, what has she ever done for me?” Brad has lived the same way for so long that he truly believes he does nothing wrong. He has seen me and others wait with Kathy at the bus stop….but, I guess he thinks we’re fools.

So there it is….two sides of the coin. Each day it’s left to us mere mortals to find the middle ground…not too much, not too little. A well-rounded person. We are all islands floating around, hopefully realizing one day that to be totally fulfilled, we have to become a continent. Citizens of a land where no dream is too small, and no hope is too big.

Move mountains,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon


Here in the United States and probably in many parts of the world, people have a strange relationship with the word “Rich.” Many of our politicians tell us that there is an imbalance in our economic structure and that the “rich” should be paying more taxes than they do. The “rich” are looked upon as a segment of our population who live the ultimate life….parties, expensive cars, mansions and servants for every need. While we look at the rich as a group on a pedestal, why are so many portions of our daily interactions presented to us as a means to help us become “rich?”

If you ask some people, would you like to be rich? Without a second’s hesitation they answer, you bet!! But if you phrase the question to the same people in another way and say, do you like the rich? The answer could be quite different. The dilemma we face in our society is that while we may despise the rich, we would want to be one of them in a heartbeat. All we have to do for examples is to look around us….think to yourself, how many people each day thump down hard-earned money for a chance to be a millionaire? It could be winning a lottery, having the perfect hand in Las Vegas, or as easy as being the next “Apprentice” on Donald Trump’s successful television show. The explosion of reality based shows reveal just how far some will go to become rich.

So we are left with the schizophrenic phrase, “I want to be rich, but, I don’t like the rich.” Is it any wonder why so many have problems?:) The “us and them” scenario does not show itself any stronger than the line that is drawn in the sand between the rich and everyone else. Everyone else, you may ask? Sure, because if you’re not rich, whether you’re poor or middle-class, you’re in the same boat….not rich!:) How many television channel’s evening programming is based upon those who are rich enough and successful enough to walk down the red carpet? We look and wonder at the awards ceremonies, and ask ourselves, will we be worthy of one day feeling the red velvet under our feet? Pressing palms with the other rich and famous? Eating at all the “in” places, until one day we too show up on the evening news…..ah! then we say we have made it, while at the same time, tell everybody how we feel for those in need!! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous…an obsession that many can’t get enough of.

As crazy as this all sounds, there is one place where insanity is truly a language…and that is, politics. Many politicians with a straight face look right into the camera and tell you that they are for the poor and that the evil rich have to pay more money while they stand in front of a room full of rich people who give globs of money to have the privilege to wine and dine with the influential. Hypocrisy at it’s finest!! Each year the amount raised by candidates of all persuasions grows and grows…while the words, “rich and poor” are bandied about like a ping pong ball.

So there it is…right in front of us every day…the dilemma of the “Schizophrenic Society.” Do I think all rich are bad people? Of course not. Do I think some people are destitute and need help? Unfortunately so. There are good rich, and there are bad poor. And vice-versa. The crime is committed by those who want to present the illusion that one group is responsible for all of the other’s problems. The middlemen who mix a wild concoction of love and hate. The responsibility falls to us as individuals to see the truth before our eyes, not what others want us to see. In a day and age where so many feel overwhelmed with the chores of daily life, a two minute sound byte can be quite influential.

It’s not a crime to be rich, if you do it by the rules. But it is a crime if you get there and give nothing back. Why so many want to be rich, but hate the rich, could fill a library. This mindset did not happen overnight…and it could take some time to understand…but it does exist…and this election season the blue and the red states will not come together until it is shown that some feel it is in their best interest to keep the state’s as far apart as possible.

This land was made for you and me,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon


Each week, many of us have floating through our minds a pocketful of wishes that we hope, somewhere out there, someone will grant. Alas, with each wish comes a collection of responsibilities. Each step up the ladder brings its own set of circumstances.

The granting of a wish can be a wonderful thing….a vehicle to spring us forward and elevate our lives to a place where we believe life can be more fulfilling. If all we do is look at the joy and exhilaration of the wish being granted, and fail to see the changes that come with it, a wish can easily turn into a burden.

Recently I saw a report on television where a person who won the state’s lottery mentioned how much their lives changed because of a sequence of numbers on a one dollar ticket. The man said that he planned to tell no one that he won, and he thought for sure that things would remain essentially the same…unfortunately, it was not to be the case. You see, he always wanted a Mercedes Benz…it was his dream car. So he went down to his local dealership and within days a brand new shining model was parked in the driveway. His wife wanted to completely renovate the kitchen and bathroom…so within hours an interior designer and crew were parked outside their house. All this commotion was not going down too well with the people on the block of their very modest neighborhood. Human beings can be a funny crew indeed…if they don’t know the reason for why something is changing, they can quickly come up with a reason of their own! So, the man who won the lottery and decided to mention it to no one, was now rumored to be a citizen dealing in narcotics! When he got word that these rumors were circulating the neighborhood, he tried to put a stop to it, and owned up and said hey, I won the lottery. What he heard back was mind blowing….nobody believed him! What finally happened was within three months, his house was put up for sale and he and his family left. His words to the reporter were, I didn’t change, everyone else did. Could he have handled it better? Perhaps…but wishes can take on a life of their own if one isn’t careful.

For me personally if a genie showed up at my door, and said, “Jennifer, I will grant you three wishes,” I would have to respond, “tell you what genie, can you give me 24 hours to think about it? So that I could get a chance to really think about what I need and the effects it would have on my life?” If the genie replied, “Nope Jennifer, it’s now or never,” from my experiences in life, I would have to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Each wish would change my life…I would want to make sure that the wishes were wise.

A wise person once said, “Be careful what you wish for, because it may just come true.” Dreaming and wishing are wonderful things, but they will mean nothing if they come true without appreciation. When we are presented with an opportunity, it’s important to be thankful and humble. Wishes should be opportunities that not only give to us, but also enable us to grant someone else their wishes.

may the circle be unbroken,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Other Voices

Our vocal cords create a language that we use to communicate with each other. That language expresses our thoughts, opinions and hopes to others whom we encounter. Each voice is unique…and deserves respect, even when we disagree. What sometimes escapes us is that we also have other voices.

Take a look at the palms of your hands…do we ever stop to realize how loud the voice is that is created by those hands? All around us are voices that have been created by human hands…each image and sound speak out across the airwaves. Carpentry, sculpting, cooking, painting, etc.etc. they are the easy examples…but what about the hands of a surgeon or rescue worker? those too speak out. Our feet..where they take us, what they do, are voices too. The human body is just one large transmitter.

We transmit and we receive…a planet of voices constantly interacting. To just transmit is Ego….to just receive is Abuse. We have to learn to do both. Like breathing, we take in air, we exhale. It is not a mistake to do both. A true voice learns to speak and listen. A healthy voice grows stronger…through knowledge. A dim voice grows weak through fear. The further our voices travel, the more we can receive. Human beings, each one, made up of a collection of voices that express the soul.

When we succeed, we give thanks. When we fail, we ask to be forgiven. Our voices sing the same song….just with different versions. Collectively, we are the Choir of Mankind. One day we may all create a sound that will leave us speechless….a planet in harmony, an orchestra of peace.

Play on……
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Time in a Bottle

Every second has its own intersection of time and space. At that very moment, a unique occurrence happens. While a given space may stay the same over time, time itself changes its appearance. Perhaps there are very good reasons why when we try to recapture the past, it doesn’t always look the same, or go according to plan.

If each moment is unique then the destination of that occurrence has to have its own locale. Recently a friend of mine returned to her 20th High School Reunion, at the same school that she graduated from. She was amazed to roam through the classrooms, see the gym and the principals office, which all looked the same, as if it was just yesterday. One important change was that everyone was twenty years older. Same space, different time. Now once in a while some things can stay the same, but overall, life is a wheel that just keeps on turning, moving forward. Many of us reach for the memories, while forgetting that the time has changed.

Each day that we live we create a series of intercepting moments, making our own private libraries of memories. The other day I had a conversation with someone who said to me, “Jennifer, do you know that today is tomorrow’s yesterday?” Strange, but true. Still, how often do we try to capture Time in a bottle? Does each moment have its own distinctive address? Do we walk through the corridors of time consistently opening and closing doors? To understand our successes and failures, we have to look in the right direction. If all we see is the place but not the time, is it any wonder how easy it is to get lost?

To take a flight to a distant city and arrive safely we have to rely on the experience of the flight crew and the maintenance of the airplane. To take a trip through time we have to be sure that we have the correct coordinates. The terrain of history is awash with pitfalls and plateaus. Time and space, the mixture that weaves through the fabric of the Universe. As long as we live here, we participate in its makeup. We may not be able to put Time in a bottle, but the trick is to not need to.

When you truly appreciate each moment, they’re easier to let go of.

Live each moment,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

The Art of Learning

Will we ever get it right here on Planet Earth? Perhaps not….but we CAN make it better. Sometimes I wonder why so many of us have our heads screwed on backwards. We chase the gold at the end of the rainbow, believing that it is there that true happiness resides, yet so many realize that when they get there, they’ve lost pieces of themselves along the way. Life is supposed to be an education, based upon past experiences and learned knowledge. Still, it is so easy to choose the wrong knowledge to learn.

Mankind as a whole, over the eons of Time, has struggled with discipline and structure. We constantly fight the confines of Life that can keep us on the straight and narrow and even keel. Expansion is great, but responsibility has to go with it. These confines help us experience what is acceptable, and what is not, to progress ourselves in a healthy and positive way. We are constantly redefining right from wrong daily…somewhere in the back of our minds there is a little rulebook that we live by. It is left to us overall to decide what ink graces the pages of that book.

Whether we choose it or not, we accept a belief system to live by. Even those who do not believe in a God, establish a protocol to live by. There are rules to live by, laws not to break. Some find this out the easy way, some the hard way. Truly, one man’s ceiling can be another man’s floor. The blocks of Life are left for us to build upon…the structures we create are based upon our beliefs, education, personalities, expressions, and conclusions. The buildings we create both physically and spiritually become the remnants of our lives when we are gone. If one digs a hole and chooses not to fill it, it will be filled by someone or something for them.

The Learning of Life is the ultimate Art. So many express it in so many ways. The imperfections of Humanity may not be expected to get it totally right, but they are expected to try. Each generation is expected to become better than the previous. We are supposed to perch on the shoulders of those who came before, until one day we can see the clouds of Heaven. There can be no Art, if we are not Learning, and there can be no Learning, if we have no Art.

Life is an ongoing Masterpiece,
love, Jennifer Avalon
(c) 2004 Jennifer Avalon