The Source

It’s so easy in life to just drift….floating along, not quite knowing where we’re going. We ask questions and we get no answers, and before too long, a sense of confusion and fear can easily overtake us. All the while, right within our reach is a switch that can activate a beam of light that reaches through the clouds into the Heavens. The Source is there, for the asking. It doesn’t impose, it doesn’t barge in….it waits for a request.

For many years I used to believe that my life was totally my responsibility and everything was within my control. That would be great, if my name was God, but it’s not! I don’t have all the answers….and I one day came to the conclusion that I can’t, like many, do it alone….I need The Source. While I will continue to once in a while make mistakes, The Source never fails to show me a way to correct them. While I am not a religious fanatic, for me, being a Christian, The Source is the Holy Spirit (the Breath of God)

The Source (Breath of God) has been called many names in different religions, but at the end of the day The Source is the current by which our bodies and souls are fused….a personal telephone line to the essence of our Creation that echoes through the Universe. Like all forms of communication, at first the reception may take time to come in clearly, but eventually the distance evaporates. The Source is not there to do all the work for us….but it lends a helping hand to show us the direction to arrive at a conclusion. When one embraces The Source, the thought of life without it feels empty. Each breath of air that we breathe is the proof for me that The Source exists. It’s all around us…we just have allow ourselves to see it, feel it, and touch it. As long as there is life, there is The Source.

Every day, in some way, we are always reminded how temporary and precious life is. One long vacation or journey that eventually comes to an end. Death is not a punishment….it is a doorway to the city of God where The Source originates. Life and Death can be changed in the blink of an eye….while all the while The Source continues. If all we see is the physical, we become trapped in our bodies, yet, by being mere mortals we cannot be totally Souls…somewhere in-between on the road of Eternity, we can rendezvous with The Source.

It could be a prayer, or just a simple conversation….The Source listens. It may not be there to help you win the lottery, but it can spring forth to make one a better person. The greatest gift in life is peace of mind….and that has to be earned every day. All The Source asks is that we come half the way….
Breathe deeply,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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