Other Voices

Our vocal cords create a language that we use to communicate with each other. That language expresses our thoughts, opinions and hopes to others whom we encounter. Each voice is unique…and deserves respect, even when we disagree. What sometimes escapes us is that we also have other voices.

Take a look at the palms of your hands…do we ever stop to realize how loud the voice is that is created by those hands? All around us are voices that have been created by human hands…each image and sound speak out across the airwaves. Carpentry, sculpting, cooking, painting, etc.etc. they are the easy examples…but what about the hands of a surgeon or rescue worker? those too speak out. Our feet..where they take us, what they do, are voices too. The human body is just one large transmitter.

We transmit and we receive…a planet of voices constantly interacting. To just transmit is Ego….to just receive is Abuse. We have to learn to do both. Like breathing, we take in air, we exhale. It is not a mistake to do both. A true voice learns to speak and listen. A healthy voice grows stronger…through knowledge. A dim voice grows weak through fear. The further our voices travel, the more we can receive. Human beings, each one, made up of a collection of voices that express the soul.

When we succeed, we give thanks. When we fail, we ask to be forgiven. Our voices sing the same song….just with different versions. Collectively, we are the Choir of Mankind. One day we may all create a sound that will leave us speechless….a planet in harmony, an orchestra of peace.

Play on……
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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