The Art of Learning

Will we ever get it right here on Planet Earth? Perhaps not….but we CAN make it better. Sometimes I wonder why so many of us have our heads screwed on backwards. We chase the gold at the end of the rainbow, believing that it is there that true happiness resides, yet so many realize that when they get there, they’ve lost pieces of themselves along the way. Life is supposed to be an education, based upon past experiences and learned knowledge. Still, it is so easy to choose the wrong knowledge to learn.

Mankind as a whole, over the eons of Time, has struggled with discipline and structure. We constantly fight the confines of Life that can keep us on the straight and narrow and even keel. Expansion is great, but responsibility has to go with it. These confines help us experience what is acceptable, and what is not, to progress ourselves in a healthy and positive way. We are constantly redefining right from wrong daily…somewhere in the back of our minds there is a little rulebook that we live by. It is left to us overall to decide what ink graces the pages of that book.

Whether we choose it or not, we accept a belief system to live by. Even those who do not believe in a God, establish a protocol to live by. There are rules to live by, laws not to break. Some find this out the easy way, some the hard way. Truly, one man’s ceiling can be another man’s floor. The blocks of Life are left for us to build upon…the structures we create are based upon our beliefs, education, personalities, expressions, and conclusions. The buildings we create both physically and spiritually become the remnants of our lives when we are gone. If one digs a hole and chooses not to fill it, it will be filled by someone or something for them.

The Learning of Life is the ultimate Art. So many express it in so many ways. The imperfections of Humanity may not be expected to get it totally right, but they are expected to try. Each generation is expected to become better than the previous. We are supposed to perch on the shoulders of those who came before, until one day we can see the clouds of Heaven. There can be no Art, if we are not Learning, and there can be no Learning, if we have no Art.

Life is an ongoing Masterpiece,
love, Jennifer Avalon
(c) 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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