The House

This week we look forward to the start of a new year, untouched, like a slate that is unmarked and clean, just waiting for us to paint our thoughts and impressions onto it. Many of us will start to compile a list of New Year resolutions….setting goals for 2005. For a lot of us, by the end of January many of those goals start to unravel, and we become discouraged, wondering why we should continue on the course that looked so bright at the beginning.

I think if we approach the New Year with a different perspective and keep a symbol or image in our minds it may be easier to stay focused and navigate the road ahead. I approach the New Year as a builder, a person who sees a piece of land, and the possibilities that can come forth. I look at the formulation of my goals, hopes, and dreams as a house….a beautiful shining building that by the end of the year I can be proud of. A builder needs tools, not just hammers and nails but Faith, encouragement, conviction and the belief that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

In January we start the foundation….we make sure it is strong and has the potential to hold what we place upon it. We make sure there are no cracks. Each proceeding month we add to our house….floor by floor we put in the plumbing, the electrical wiring, the heating system, etc. Sometimes we make mistakes, one room may not be wired right, so we go back, repair the damage and continue on. By the Spring, we see that our house is off the ground and rising. The contributions we have made to our house are beginning to show. People pass by and are amazed how “fast” the house is starting to come together….but little do they see the problems that we encountered to get to our level. So on we go, each day building brick by brick with the sky above us…..and with each brick a feeling of accomplishment comes over us and a better understanding of the mistakes we have made so that we try not to make them again. God looks down and sees a person trying to push forward with a house of meaning and purpose. A badly built house with a weak foundation won’t stand very long….but a good house can last forever. God understands how hard it is to built good houses.

By the Fall, our floors are completed, and we are about to add our roof. We want a roof that will not leak, that can take the elements. If we have done all our work and done it well, by the end of the year we will be standing in front of a house amazed that we were able to accomplish this once monumental task. We look at each brick and floor and see a story. We see the set-backs and the over comings. It is possible to build a good house, God willing, with the right tools, and determination…….All things are

Good Luck with your house,


Jennifer Avalon
2004 Jennifer Avalon

What is “Wrong”?

“Wrong” is when God is not factored into the equation:

The day may be right, but the week will turn out wrong

The week may be right, but the month will turn out wrong

The month may be right, but the year will turn out wrong

The year may be right, but the life will turn out wrong…

Keep trying to get it right,

with blessings and love,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon


I’ve touched on this topic a little in the past, yet, this Holiday Season it could not be more important. We so easily assume that people we meet absorb, retain, and maintain a full and true perception of us. Unfortunately, this observation couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s so easy to expect that Uncle Harry or Aunt Ellen will totally remember all that we have said from past get-togethers, and then, out of the blue, they say something to us that may draw a blank stare from our faces. Somewhere along the distance of time and space something got lost or misunderstood….the interaction between two or more people can become a language unto itself, where, at times, the translation can get lost.

So this Holiday Season, how can we go about solving or correcting the dilemmas that engulf the conversation? First, we have to assume that placed on top of our heads are antennas that transmit and receive information and like a long-distance telephone line there can easily be a delay factor. When we sit down to dinner, to diminish this problem, speak slow, simple and short sentences….take a breath, and continue on. It allows the mind of the other person to take in and digest your thoughts much easier. When the response comes from the other party, you may be surprised after a couple of minutes that they too may start to speak slower and simpler. Before too long, you begin to notice that the volume in the room starts to decrease, and listening and talking become unison in volume. Misunderstandings are drastically reduced. We are led to believe that there are general languages on planet Earth…English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, etc.,….but what’s not reported is that within these languages are multiple other nuances that can probably be missed or misunderstood. Of course, there is always somebody who speaks a language unto themselves with a booming voice, while taking no time to hear responses……that’s life!

Many of us only get the opportunity to meet some people once a year…that exchange can be a pleasant experience, or a sheer horror. Taking into account some changes that can be made, perhaps we can all tip the scales in our favor. Between the lines of “pass the stuffing and mash potatoes,” it’s perfectly fine to whisper, “you’re great,” or, “I love you,” or even a simple smile. It can sometimes come across better than a thousand words.

Happy Holidays,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Website & Newsletter

This week the website and newsletter begins it’s eighth year. Little did I know back at the end of 1996 how long and how far this journey would take me. Little by little the website started building momentum and I can happily say the most hits I’ve ever had was last month. The average hit count is now 95,000 a month. There are now 2 websites that offer the essays and music…, and the new site, This journey has not been easy, but each step forward has brought a smile to my face. The newsletter is sent out every two weeks to over 65 countries around the world.

Like any endeavor, there are those who offer help and support, and those, unfortunately, who will do anything in their power to try to stop one. I believe I am an open-minded person, and like many, feel many topics are open for discussion and compromise, but before me I do see a line drawn in the sand that I will not step over. In this age of “political correctness” having a strong point of view could be considered a statement from the stone age….but I am a firm believer that not everything that comes into one’s mind is right. Like a kid in a candy store, when a child eats a certain amount, they get sick. Just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should.

The essays and music are free to all. This model I will do everything in my power to continue. Yes, the website does not run for free, and I wholeheartedly appreciate those who have donated over the past year, towards it’s upkeep. Recently I opened a CD store on the website, where those who want finished copies of the albums can purchase them, for a price of $6.95, total. If you think this is a way to get rich, you’re wrong…the purpose of the store is in answer to those who do not have weekly Internet access and wanted to have copies of the music for their homes, work, and transportation. The music and essays are still free to be downloaded. Nothing has changed. If you would like to donate, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine too.

In the coming year I plan to add many more essays, and a new album in the Fall of 2005, where each month, starting in January, a new song will be premiered from that forthcoming CD. I have also accumulated many songs over the years which will also see the light of day, under the banner of “Early Avalon.” Many who have heard my earlier songs have asked me if I will ever release songs like, “I Still Care,” and “You Can Count on Me.” Rest assured, they are forthcoming. They were staples of my earlier performances.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your continued support. Love has many ways of expressing itself, and this, I know, is one of them. Each year, for us all, there are moments of joy, and tears of sadness, but this week being Thanksgiving, it’s important to count our blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon


The pollsters said that this week’s Presidential election was decided by “Moral Values,”…. how we see our day to day lives and what kind of changes to it we are willing to accept. Yet, underneath the surface I see a more revealing question….what is the value of human life? That answer will surely be determined over the next few years.

Valuation, you may ask? what do I mean by that? Well, some people look upon age as a devaluing apparatus…others look at it as an ongoing accumulation of knowledge, where the value of a person is increased with time. Still, some see all of life as sacred, and of equal value. In the eyes of God, I do believe we are all of equal value….but unfortunately, as we will learn moving forward, mankind has a totally different scale.

Slowly disseminating through the culture is the question of what we are willing to accept regarding the subject of cloning. The line between mankind and machine is radically blurring. How many people do you know who already have plastic kneecaps, and reconstructed hips? Already many have man-made components within their bodies, and as you may know, these replacements do not come cheap. Over 50 years ago Henry Ford had an assembly plant where he manufactured cars at will, for the average member of the public, at affordable prices. Dare I say, could it be possible that one day the Henry Ford model could be turned to include manufactured embryos where body parts could be grown and disregarded at will? At that point does the body become nothing more than another component? There are those out there who would like for this to become a reality. Will we see a world where a piece of human flesh will be looked upon as nothing more than another semiconductor chip? There are so many raging questions on both sides of the issue. For example, what if I needed a new heart, and a doctor presented me with a solution to my problem, which would be the manufacturing of an identical replication, or clone, of myself, where the heart would be removed and the rest of the body used for research? At that point, would I forfeit something that I once considered immoral, for a longer life? or, would I want to replicate a lost loved one and see them grow up in front of my eyes? To quote a line from the movie Jurassic Park, “Just because you can, should you do it?”

As you can see my friends, going forward we are going to have a lot more choices to contemplate on our plates. Rest assured, at some point “valuation” of the human being will come into play. The human clone will become the next frontier…the question will be, should we enter it? Is space the final frontier, or are we?

Value the space you occupy,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Sin is Contagious

This week in the United States it was revealed that there is going to be a severe shortage of flu vaccinations this coming winter. It seems the factory in Liverpool that manufactures the vials was shut down because of some form of contamination. That leaves the United States with only half the amount that is needed, and the expectation is that many may succumb to the flu this season because of the lack of resistance to fight it off. Health care officials are quite worried how the lack of vaccinations may impact the general public, so they are asking for voluntary rationing of flu vaccine. Much worry, and rightfully so….but there is something else that infects the population at a greater rate, that not only affects a person physically but also spiritually….that virus is Sin.

As we search for physical tools to combat infections, much is not said about the affects that spiritual illness has upon the general population. Sin is an energy that can be transferred from one person to another in a split second. The damage that Sin can inflict upon us has brought about limitless physical and mental disorders. Sin is the ultimate virus against the Soul. As easy as the touch of a hand, or a physical embrace, Sin can wreak havoc through families, friends and the casual stranger. It can take control, manipulate, and absorb all of one’s energy, to make its presence known.

Sin, as defined by the dictionary, is a “transgression of Divine Law.” Man, over time, has tried to change this definition. The act of Sin’s only purpose is to create some form of turmoil on another. It’s so easy to run to the doctor when we have a cough, yet we may not think twice when we Sin, yet, there is a vaccine out there to rid this world of the scourge of Sin. That vaccine is there, just for the asking, where the amount of it is bountiful. The vaccine against Sin is Love. As long as one’s heart is filled with Love, there is no room for Sin. Yes, indeed, we may falter or miss a step, but overall a shadow cannot exist where there is light.

Sin is contagious…but so is Love. The choice lays in our hands. Each day we ask ourselves, should we Sin, or should we Love? We’ve seen it before…when we walk into a room feeling positive, full of hope, and a smile upon our faces, each person we come into contact with is influenced by our state of mind. A heart full of Love can move a mountain. Sin may fight back, but with each shot of Love, Sin is forced to cower and hide.

The gift of Love is a package that awaits us each day…all we have to do is open it.
Spread the loving gift,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Owner or Renter

Many wise men, through the ages, have expressed the belief that our bodies are representations of Temples of God, each one containing a Soul that is connected to the Divine. Comments made through time hold the thought that we do not own our bodies….but rent them from God. Yes, indeed, we may be held responsible for what we do with our bodies here on earth, but overall the Universal Landlord expects us to respect and appreciate that which we live in temporarily.

The reason I am writing this essay is to take a few steps back and examine not just spiritual aspects of the relationship between the body and soul, but also the physical one. We look in the mirror, yet once we look past the eyes that is where we truly live. The fears, the joys, the tears and smiles live inside…just waiting for us to express them. We are all renters here on planet Earth. Where ever we live, our homes may look different, so too our bodies…but, our Souls all come from the same place. As I’ve mentioned before, once we accept the world around us as temporary, and that death is not a punishment, just a stage of life….personal ownership of this existence is not possible. The aging process through life is not an accident….it is God’s way of saying nothing stays the same….until one day the body is cast off and we return home, ageless.

The day we come into the world, we sign a lease with God. Certain expectations are contained within that lease. Hopefully, we leave the neighborhood a little better for having lived on the block. Some are given a spanky shiny new body right from the start….others have much to overcome….yet I am sure what we are given and what we leave behind is taken into consideration. We are not made to be perfect. We all have flaws, yet, each one of us has been made in God’s image. While our bodies may have flaws, we must never forget that inside each one of us is a little piece of Heaven. I am reminded of a scene from the movie, “Birdman From Alcatraz,” starring Burt Lancaster. His character was sentenced to life without parole, yet while incarcerated he did research on why the birds in his cell were dying….what disease were they succumbing to? His findings were embraced by the medical community. His reward was to have more free time to spend outside in the courtyard. A reporter said to Burt Lancaster’s character, “I’m sorry we couldn’t get you out of jail.” Lancaster replied, looking up to the Heavens, “Don’t feel bad, I’m free. I’m outside.” Before his discoveries, Lancaster’s character looked forward to a life of limited freedom, yet now to him, just the ability to feel the air and see the sky was a reward in itself. Life may come down to how we perceive it to be….and though we may live in different parts of the world, and under all kinds of different circumstances, still, we are all renters under the dome of Heaven. We may own or rent much real estate through the course of our lives, yet the most valuable property we hold is the body we rent from God. The house that holds the Soul.

Take good care of Yourself
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Weather the Storm

The last two weeks and for that matter, the past month, has been, for lack of a better word, bizarre. Hurricanes, floods, terror alerts, terrorism, and last, but not least, Batman scaling the walls of Buckingham Palace! Even Wall Street has gotten into the action, where brokers are stating “All we need now are locusts!”

Have you ever had a dream that you think is so real that when you wake up it takes a few minutes to convince yourself that it WAS only a dream? The year 2004 is looking kind of like that…but, unfortunately, it is quite real. Seeing children being murdered in Russia was very chilling…I don’t care what your grievances are, but when man stoops to the level of shooting children in the back, it must never be acceptable. The hurricanes that are hitting Florida and Gulf Coast in the United States are starting to look like a group of airplanes circling, waiting for permission to land. The experts keep telling us that much of what’s going on is quite normal and expected….the talking heads will give us fifty reasons to defend their positions…yet, the normal folks are beginning to have a hard time distinguishing science fiction from real life…the fine line between both is starting to fade. Trouble always seems like “someone else’s problem” until it arrives at our own front door.

It is so easy through any period of turmoil or severe weather conditions, to believe that it will never end, and that the storm will not pass. Well, it does, and it will. Awareness and safety are key. When storm clouds gather on the horizon, it’s not foolish to batten down the hatches, and prepare. Life is a sea of changes, and each one of us are sailors riding the waves. Like life, the sea may not be fair, but when damaged by the storm we can rebuild and heal. If we see fellow sailors in distress, we must reach out and cast a line…you never know when you may need the same. We may all sail our own individual ships, still, we are all part of the Armada of Souls, searching for a safe port.

Through stormy weather, just when we feel lost, out of the dark cuts the beams of light from the lighthouse…..Rays of Hope, that can bring us to shore. No matter how dark the day, rest assured, there is always the Light. The shining Truth that says we are never alone.
Weather the storm,

love, Jennifer Avalon
آ© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

Dare to Care

To care is to reach out and cross over the threshold into the world of acceptance or rejection. To care is to see, identify, embrace and extend a hand. Caring is one of the ultimate learning experiences of humanity….while it may seem easy, once one gets started it involves quite a bit of courage.

To say “I love you,” easily rolls off the tongue, it is the next stage where the proof is in the pudding…are we willing to back the words up? Are we willing to dare to care? Once one steps forward into the minefield of life, caring can easily surround us with expressions of acceptance and rejection, yet, if we choose to not express our love, are we truly alive? In a world where joy and pain at times seem to walk hand in hand, it is quite easy to understand why some abandon the expression of caring.

I believe deep inside we all have a caring threshold. Subconsciously we ask ourselves, “How much am I willing to observe until I feel forced to act?” In a crowded mall out of the corner of our eye we may see a crying child searching for his or her mother. Do we keep walking, or do we walk over and care? Or the relative who has been diagnosed with a disabling affliction or disease…how long do we wait to pick up the phone and call? Crisis can be the alarm bell for caring, but does it have to get to that point for us to say, “I love you?” Each day can bring its own blessings and obstacles, and indeed, life can seem quite unfair…still, the more who care, the less we hurt.

If at the end of our days, all we show is an advanced intellect, with a barren well of emotion, do we become an oasis that never actually materializes? Do we reach our full potential? The head and heart, they can be friend or foe. The act of caring can improve with age…the alternative is a notebook full of regrets and missed moments. While we may never truly master the art of caring, by practicing it we grow to learn quite a bit about ourselves and those we love.

Dare to care…dare to share…here, there, and everywhere…

love, Jennifer Avalon
آ© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

No Place Like Home

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home, as the old saying goes. For many, it feels real good to get out and about, yet after a while, the thought of returning home starts to give one a real warm feeling inside. The two places we seem to spend the most time at are work and home. While work may be considered a place of occupation and income, home can be an abode where one can recharge and heal. Some may live alone, while others share their surroundings, still, after a while we help generate its atmosphere. Home IS where the heart is, as it should be.

So, how do we really feel about our home? when it is threatened, it all becomes crystal clear. That chair in the corner, the painting over the fireplace, the coat hanging on the back of the door, all items that we casually pass daily….their importance in our lives stand out a mile away when the thought of losing them rears its head. It’s astounding to me how easily we as humans take so much for granted. This week country singer Tim McGraw releases his new album, aptly titled “Live Like You’re Dying.” Isn’t it sad that for some of us, we don’t truly come alive until we are facing the end of it? Let’s hope that the same can’t be said for the home, that we don’t take in it’s full meaning unless we are faced with the thought of losing it.

Around the world each day people lose their homes….financially, and through natural disasters. Next time you see television coverage of a hurricane or tornado, or fire, for that matter, turn off the sound and just look at the faces. Yes, they are hurt…yes they are fearful…but burning in the eyes is the determination to rebuild. In the image of their minds, is the picture of the home they once had…and once will again. I always believe that through the worst disasters, heroes and angels emerge. The best of humanity comes out.

This week just look around…the real treasure may be right in front of your eyes. Your home is your place. Be it ownership or rental, it doesn’t matter. What’s inside the four walls is you. We laugh, we cry, we mourn, we celebrate…it’s all there, filtering through each room. From the early morning to the turning off of the last light at night, we weave through our mortality, pass the doorways of time, that open and close within our homes.

All across the earth so many places, so many homes, yet one day our souls enter the home of Heaven, where one and all can feel comfort. Earthly homes, Heavenly homes….the family of man just looking for peace and love.

there’s no place like home,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon