There Will Always Be Excuses

We all have goals, dreams and ambitions. Many spend every waking hour planning and implementing thoughts that they feel can get them one step further to their destination, while others, at the first sight of struggle or conflict, turn back. Growth is a good thing….but sometimes it can be painful and full of fear. As human beings, to feel fulfilled we seek growth. If we stop, the air around us starts to become stale, and we are engulfed with a feeling that something is wrong. It’s not easy to overcome our fears but even if we don’t, sometimes just the act of trying can be an exhilarating experience.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it. We seem to rise to the occasion…we become focused and life takes on a whole new meaning. It’s kind of strange…it’s almost as if we’re not meant to stay in one space for very long. Life kind of wants us to continue to move ahead in our lives. I’m not talking about leaving families or quitting jobs, etc….but evolving in them. Learning new things is not a bad thing. It makes us feel more valuable to ourselves and to others. The enemy, of course, the ultimate enemy, is excuses. Those little thoughts or words that others say or sometimes we say to ourselves to stop us dead in our tracks.

For every reason to succeed, there seems to be ten reasons to fail. The trick is to surround yourself with a support system that can include others and help from God. Positive reinforcements are vital to any avenue of success. Don’t be afraid to ask for help….you just may get it. It’s so easy to look back but sometimes so hard to look ahead. With the combination of faith, determination, conviction and love you can move mountains… can do it.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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