Same Time Next Year

This holiday season we get together with family and loved ones to embrace and celebrate a Holy Season. Many of us tend to assume that the same people will come back year after year, until one year we look around and see that someone is missing. Each year as we get older we come to realize that taking it all for granted may not be so wise. Little did we know this time last year what 2001 had in store for us all.

So as we sit around the table, chow down on the latest feast, gaze into each other’s eyes, let’s not forget to hold hands and give thanks for our Blessings. For many, life this year has taken on a whole new meaning. Only the Fool can now take it all for granted. Presents may be plentiful, but that extra kiss and hug means more now than ever, and it’s okay to say, “I’m here if you need me.”
One can no longer go through this season anymore without thinking about the year ahead. What will 2002 bring us? Celebrations? Promotions? Raises? or more of what we have struggled through since September 11th. I believe 2002 will bring us all alot closer, regardless of what happens. Each year they announce on television the most popular toys and gifts of the season. This year, surprise, surprise….it may end up being Love.

I wish you and yours the best of the season….and a healthy and happy 2002. May Love be your Main Course……..

Bon Appetit,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon


If we look at ourselves as a group of individual seeds that spring forth from growth, like a plant or a tree, our lives can be understood with greater meaning. The tree that grows starts out as a delicate branch that over time chooses its direction to expand, while being influenced by its environment. So too do we. The marriage of choice and influence prevails. Our hopes, dreams, weaknesses and failures can also be examined by the seeds that are planted. Choice and influence comes into play here too. Then to understand what grows, one must examine the seeds that are planted.

The roots are the foundation of life here on earth. The stronger the roots, the healthier the growth. Some choose to plant Love…..others decide on Hate. As the seeds grow, we bear witness to how much Love has been planted, or Hate. I see Hate as a product of Mankind, and Love, as a voice of Heaven. We are supposed to live here in Love….as God’s children. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan. For the Universe to exist, it has to be based on Love… each planet and Solar System must show mutual respect for one another, or, it would all collapse. It’s called the Solar System for a reason. A System based on Love. Sure planets die….while others are born…. so too do we…but, the system goes on. We mere mortals sometimes forget that we also need each other to sustain existence.

It all starts with a seed, and some roots. Good and Bad grows over time. A diseased tree sometimes can go unnoticed for years…..then one day we all wake up and say, “How did this happen???” when all the while it was happening right before our eyes. Denial is the number one enemy of Love. If we really care, we notice.

When the roots are strong and healthy, we encourage. When the roots are weak and hurting, we nurture. When the roots have died, we mourn. The Tree of Life goes on……

Plant wisely,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

Lessons Learned

As we progress through life, we accumulate experiences that we use to help us evaluate future decisions……all of the mountains and valleys that we have crossed to get to where we are now. Some prevail, some are engulfed in fear, some overcome, and some quit. The lessons learned become chapters of the Book of Our Lives. Still, as we soldier on, we are always amazed of what can come before our eyes.

As much as we fuel our strengths in this game of life, we sometimes spend much time on repairing the damage that we have incurred along the way. Some of us seek out work, hobbies, and vocations to justify our existence. Sadly, others choose the road of self-centeredness, manipulation, and thievery as vehicles to prove a distorted sense of intellect. I witnessed once in a store a lady cruising the aisles shopping and at certain points, stopping to take an item and place it in her pocket. When she approached the checkout counter, the manager went over to her and said, “Madam, why do you continue to come into this store and try to steal?” Her answer was silence. A couple of years later, when the lady died, it was discovered through the newspaper that her bank account held over two million dollars. The question is, what happened to that woman along the way to make her behave so poorly? I’m sure you yourself have your testimonies to add to this story. We have all met people like that.

In our society, the line between thievery and good business decisions can get pretty blurry. In life, it can get really hard sometimes to decide where that decision crosses over from being good business, to thievery, and the acceptability of society with that exchange. What lessons do we learn? Hopefully, ones that can help us tell the difference between the two.

The road of life has stop signs, fast lanes, curves and corners. It’s nice to make stops along the way….the trick is not to leave behind a piece of your soul in doing so. The fuel that we use should remain as pure as possible, so that our engines remain clean and that we reach our destination safely.

Drive safely,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon


The world lost a very rare human being this week. Someone who worked hard, rose to fame, and while, at his peak, walked away to chart new courses. Yes, George Harrison continued to record music…it is rumored that he has stockpiled over four albums of new material, but, the search for spiritual fulfillment and inner peace took center stage.

As George mused in a recent interview, “Money is wonderful, you get to go to the Bahamas, but, if that’s all there is, it can leave you feeling kind of empty.” George searched for God in just about everything he did. I always looked upon him as the Beatle’s “secret weapon.” Sure, John and Paul were great songwriters, but you never quite knew with each album, what George would bring to the table. Guitars, sitars, and eventually, the first versions of synthesizers, George dragged in to Beatle sessions. If you listen closely to Abbey Road, sprinkled among the tracks are the sounds of the synthesizer….used sparingly, but quite effectively.

For me, I will always remember the spiritual side of George Harrison the most. We are all on a search to try to figure this place called Earth out….its mysteries, ups and downs, puzzles the mind. As George said, “Death and what comes after is what really matters….all the rest is secondary.” I agree with this…the more we understand death, the more we are alive. Towards the end of his life, George reflected, “All that matters is the search for God, and to love one another.” George made mistakes…we all make mistakes….but the quest and the search for what we are and why we are here is the key. That journey we travel until the day we die. It’s not about money….it’s not about fame….it’s about love, evolving, and leaving the world a better place for having been here. George did that, and so must we.

Rest In Peace,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon


The holidays are quickly approaching….many family and friends are expressing their concerns regarding the current state of the world, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time for the things that one needs to do daily.

We get up each morning, cringe while we look at the headlines in the newspaper, or the latest sound bite on the television. We say to ourselves, “Lo and behold, what fences do I have to jump to get through this day?” We say to ourselves, “Everything will work out…all of this will be over soon,” and then, we are rocked by another disaster, while all the while we are to continue on with “business as usual.” All of this is on the surface….but behind the scenes, in the back of our minds, there’s a little voice reminding us of what we really think.

We are all dealing with these things in our own way. I myself hear the F-16’s in Cape Cod going out each morning to patrol the skies over New York City. After a while, the sound becomes ordinary. I don’t even stop anymore to look up. My mind, unfortunately, takes all this in and locks it away in the subconscious. Time marches on, and it’s easy to run out of minutes, with all that must be accomplished. When it comes to time, it’s very important to realize that each moment is precious…..that’s why we feel so exasperated when we don’t sense we have enough time. Make a list, square time into boxes…do whatever you must to give yourself a sense that you have more time on your side.

We, our family and friends, are all thinking about the same things….just with different opinions and different perspectives, on the same stories. Inside the house, at the local grocery store, even at the mall…all you hear are the same comments about the state of things. It’s okay to take a little time to shut the door, and turn it off. We all need a little time for some peace and quiet. Fear is the enemy of time…if we decrease our fears, we will have more time.

Be fearless,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

Uncharted Territory

The world has now entered into uncharted territory. Never before have we had to deal with the possibility of bio-terrorism on the scale that it presents itself now. Each morning the experts try to answer questions that, after awhile, leave them baffled. The health agencies of the world, especially those of the United States, are coming to grips with attacks on its people that are taken right out of a science fiction novel. We used to believe that the nuclear bomb was the ultimate force that we had to protect ourselves from….lo and behold, over the course of the past two months, we also have to include airlines being used as weapons, and anthrax in the mail system. I know how you feel…I too have a sense of saying, “Am I dreaming….will someone wake me up?” Unfortunately, this is not a dream.

So what can we do? We prepare ourselves the best we can, while trying to maintain as much of a normal life as possible. We are writing the rulebook as we go along. Fifty years from now, these times will be looked back upon and studied on how we dealt with this crisis. Recently I had a conversation with a friend, where we compared life before September 11th, and after. My friend mentioned, “Jennifer, doesn’t it seem like life before all this felt like a cartoon…where now, we’re living in reality?” I replied, “Perhaps, but one thing’s for sure… cannot be taken for granted now.”

This all seems strange to us….I too feel that I’m living a part in a movie….wondering, how come I didn’t learn any of this at school? The answer could possibly be this was never supposed to happen…while in a strange way deep down inside all this doesn’t seem so surprising. Strange, isn’t it? Our children ask questions, where the answers are changed day by day. The grandparents remind us of what it was like during World War 2…while the baby boomers and the generation X’ers wonder, what comes next? We’re all kind of “learning on the job.” We may make mistakes, but we will get it right.

It’s kind of spooky, whoever is doing all this seems to be about two steps ahead of us. They seem to know where to hit us, and how we’re going to react. This is some kind of intellectual warfare….how much time and thinking process does it take to examine the American landscape and look for its weaknesses? Whoever the culprits are, they have done this. They have done their homework. I’m sure this has not escaped the US Government, and they are working on it as diligently as possible, to protect us.

We will prevail….hopefully, we can examine some of the reasons on why all this has happened….in the meantime, protect yourself, and those you love. America has come together, in a way that was once considered impossible.

We are one,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

Celebrate the Season

The most important aspect to remember this holiday season, is that we are mere mortals. We cannot control everything and everyone…..but we do have a say over our own lives. It has been easy to take each year’s festivities for granted…looking at them as just one more turn of the wheel. Unfortunately this year, with all that is going on, that can no longer be so.

The simple things have now become the most important. The gifts that we give are no longer determined by the price we have paid. I myself find it very comforting when the evening comes, to dim the lights, put on some relaxing music, and light a fire in my fireplace. What this gives me I cannot buy. Simple, but fulfilling. Inviting friends or family over to share stories and spread good cheer is always uplifting. When one looks at life this way, each day becomes a treasure. Hot drinks, warm fires, smiling faces and good food….now we’re talking! 🙂

Shopping is still a wonderful experience….yet this year, home, for the holidays, has become more profound. Perhaps Frank Sinatra said it best in one of his songs, “It’s so nice to go traveling, but it’s oh so nice to come home.” This holiday season, hopefully, we embrace what matters the most….the love within us, and the love around us. Even if one is alone, watching a good movie on a soft couch can do wonders. For many, priorities have changed.

Love, warmth, comfort, and peace…..these are the elements that must surround our lives. The more of these we have, the more content and happy we will be. Experiencing and sharing life is what it’s all about. The world has changed, and it’s time for all of us to count our blessings.

Blessings to all,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

The Game

Each week I write a newsletter that goes out to 65 countries, to Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc. The past month the e-mails I have received are unbelievable. We may feel we are so different, yet when we peel back the layers, we are all the same. The world wants peace. The world wants love. The world is hurting. If we continue on the road that we are on, peace, love, and tranquility are at stake.

The life that we live these days is a chess game. One opponent makes a move, while the other answers. The world watches, while the game unfolds, each side believing that they are superior. The game goes on…..move by move…..while the clock ticks. Finance, fear, blood, and war mingle within our game, while all the while the foundation of why the game has commenced is never discussed. “Mum” is the word….all that seems important is that the game is taking place, and it continues. But the foundation and the creation of the game is vital. At this point in time the word “Why?” has become silent. Unfortunately, eventually, the sound of why will become deafening.

On we go with our game of chess….where intellect is supposed to prevail. The warrior locks hands with the mind. One chooses war, while the other chooses arbitration. I submit both. If arbitration is exhausted, and fails, then by all means choose war. If at that point intellect and compassion disintegrates, then fire all weapons, because, we as a society have no answers.

Many people have lost lives on both sides. Hate multiplies with time. Misunderstanding + hate = war. The game goes on….when it ends, nobody knows. I am not a “peacenik”…I am a realist. One + one equals two. Always has….always will.

So, with this newsletter I would like to throw coins into the fountain, and make a wish that all of the most powerful countries in the world sit around a dinner table with those who have grievances. As each one agrees to sit at the table, they forfeit the right to walk out. Those that do walk out are shunned by the rest of the world…..period. Then, the light has been shone on the darkness… more secrets. Solutions should not result in extermination. Blood has never brought about lasting peace. What we have to bring about is the spotlight on those who do not want a peaceful world.

If the three main religions of the world truly believe in God, then God is not prejudiced. He nurtures Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. All are His children. If this is not acceptable to any group, then they have to be held in the light, and seen for all the world to observe. This is our planet…..and our goal is to come together. It is not lame…it is realistic.
We love…..we live,
we hate…..we die,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

Plain and Simple

Over the past few years many of us had begun to push the envelope on how we spent our time to find enjoyment. We got all the latest gadgets, traveled to exotic places, purchased the “must-have” luxury items. As some of these may still be what we desire, much of that has changed in America since September 11th. Mortality has now become a reminder to us on a day to day basis. The little things that once seemed mundane and simple now feel safe and comforting.
This past week I have read numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, where Americans mentioned that they now find, believe it or not, sewing and knitting worthy pastimes. A daughter told her mom that she just wanted to be close to family. As of today, major retailers reported that sales were down for the month of September…..while discount chains reported increased business. Where once a two hundred dollar pair of shoes were a must for some, now they settle for a forty dollar pair of boat shoes. Our priorities have come back in line. Games like monopoly and book reading and renting a DVD movie have become a routine event. Why is all this happening? Perhaps because now that the future may not look so clear, what truly matters in our lives is rising to the surface, and we are finding ways to experience them all.

When we were children lying in bed at night, if an approaching thunderstorm lit up our rooms with lightening, we were afraid. We thought that terrible things were going to happen, that we would be hurt. The wind would blow, the rain would pour….thunder echoed the room. Slowly a sense of calm would start to take hold, as the rain decreased, and the lightening went away. Storms eventually pass. It never quite seems that way when we are going through them … it is very easy to have a sense that they will never end…..but, they do. The skies clear, and the stars come out. A wise person once said, “It’s the little things that matter the most.” The simple things hold the most value.
Maybe because when all is said and done, life is simple. Can a child find more enjoyment from an expensive, complicated toy, or more pleasure from the simple toy that’s always there? Plain and simple……maybe that’s the way it’s meant to be. It’s interesting in times of crisis we search for ways to get back to the basics. With smelling salts, we realize that maybe what we need most is already there.

Keep it simple,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon


I’ve received quite a few e-mails over the past few weeks, since the attacks on New York and Washington, DC, each one with it’s own unique perspective. They range from shock, fear, anger, depression, peace, hope, and love. This week I would like to send you a personal note.

We are all dealing with these events in our own way. One thing’s for sure, it has been a wake-up call. We can no longer take those that we love in any way for granted. For me, my friends and family have become more dear than ever. The value of the relationships I have formed and continued through my life are now priceless. I’m sure you can see it too….when you enter a room where there are familiar faces, the looks are no longer quite the same. We all exchange glances that say so much more to each other these days. Life can no longer be taken for granted, and we all know it.

We are entering the last quarter of the year….usually a time for celebration. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. A holiday season that usually flies by at the speed of sound. I don’t think it will be the case this year. Each celebration this time will be amplified. This year we can truly give thanks and praise for what we have, and the people we love.

Two months ago my father passed away from cancer. He was diagnosed in February, and left us in August. He lived the last six months of his life as if everything was new to him….he appreciated everything anyone did for him, and the look in his eyes was of love and awakening. I learned from this that when a person faces his or her mortality, they sometimes get rid of any superficialities and who they really are comes out…..almost as if the child within reawakens. I see this now happening in people around me….the mind of the world is facing its vulnerability….but like children, besides facing our limitations, we are also facing our incredible abilities. The pearl is only made from the friction of sand within the shell……there will be many pearls coming forth from these times.

I send my best wishes and love to you and yours. And may we all hold dear to us the treasure that makes us human…….our hearts.

Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon