Purpose of Life

These days we are hard pressed at times to see the Purpose of Life. If we turn on the television news we see man-made and natural disasters, and the History Channel is ever ready to tell us of impending doom. The older generation moans that it’s “not the way it used to be,” and the Science Channel tells us that we are gobbling up nature and possibly creating a future furnace that we’ll have to try to survive in……so, is it worth it?

The Purpose of Life is to change it….we all come here fresh from Heaven, with traces of the knowledge and splendor, and the Love that creates us all….we are pushed or pulled into an earthly world of distress, disharmony, and decay. It is our job to change it….for the better. To make it become closer to where we originally come from….

So how do we do this? The complicated answer would be to say that each of us must do tremendous and huge things to accomplish this important change, but the truth is, it is the small and often unseen things that will change it the most. If each of us were able to see the Light of Compassion that beats in the chest of each of us, and the Glimmering Threads of Human Connection that makes us all One Family, we would never question or doubt our reason for being here. But by the very nature of birth, those memories of who we Truly Are become fragmented, all except for a trace…..the part of us that can still hear music, paint a canvas, cradle a baby, stroke a puppy.

So every time you smile at a sad soul walking towards you….every time you listen to a friend who needs a sounding board….when you feed a hungry person, take the time to play with a child, or cards with an older senior, these are the gestures that are our Purpose, and will help to Save the World. The ripple effect of a thousand kind gestures….spread across the spectrum of humanity.

Never doubt your Purpose….or ask if your life is “worth it.” It doesn’t take much to change the world….just the desire to do it.


love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

The Last Stand

Whether we care to admit it or not, 2006 has brought us closer to the Last Stand. It was not enough that half the planet is either starving to death each day, or living at extreme levels of poverty…we now have the other half of the planet facing down the reality of nuclear proliferation. If you’re worried about the way things are, you’re not alone. Each week I receive many emails from people concerned about the state of affairs in this world. Where once nuclear weapons were quite expensive, now with a little know-how and some loose change, voila! you have a dirty bomb.

Picture yourself on a hilltop…while all around you are levels of protection, each one existing to defend your way of life, family, and neighbors. One by one, these levels of protection have been attacked and compromised. Be it corruptions of government, or scandals within religious institutions…while each one falls the wave of turmoil moves closer. Radio and television host Glenn Beck calls it “the gathering storm.” He believes that the same atmosphere exists now as pre-world war two. Glenn believes it is 1938 all over again.

I try to stay quite positive in my own life…but I do believe there are forces in play to change the landscape and the way we all live. Have we all gone mad, or is there truly something brewing out there, something on the horizon, where someone believes it is their destiny to rule and own the world? It can all seem quite bizarre and funny until someone like the President of Iran not only says he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, but take on the Anglo-Saxon way of life also. Other heads of state around the world also chime in from time to time their visions of a New World. Each week there is a new face standing on the soap box of threats.

Neville Chamberlain who was Prime Minister of Great Britain met with Adolph Hitler to try to negotiate a peace treaty before the start of World War Two. He arrived back in England waving a piece of paper, saying “I have met with Chancellor Hitler, and I trust him…there will be peace in our time.” While he was speaking the words, Hitler was invading Poland. As all this was going on, only one person in the British government took a strong stand against Hitler….guess who? Winston Churchill. Was Churchill naive? Or did he see the devastation that was about to come? Some are saying the same denial is taking place again.

Is the United States the Great Satan, as some would lead you to believe? Or is there another agenda in play in someone else’s mind, who has a different vision of what the world should be like? Two opposing ideologies are on a collision course, and unless someone steps in and is able to head them off at the pass, the outcome is starting to appear quite obvious. If this happens, it will make the Second World War look like a tea party.

Why do I write this, especially at this time of year? Because the greatest gift we all can have is Peace. If there is a “gathering storm,” perhaps someone can break through the clouds with a little gleaming sunlight. Perhaps someone can blow away the clouds and calm the winds. I don’t know if one country can do it alone, but there is a power that is strong enough to wipe away the darkness. God, we need you now more than ever.

Give the gift of Peace,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

T’is The Season

Allow the Love, the comfort, and the joy to fill your heart and soul. Take in the past year and look forward to the next. May the Season surround us all and allow us to count our blessings. No present is too small, and no smile can be too large. As we meet old friends around the Holidays, let us embrace and thank God that we made it through safely, another year. Whether we’re with a large group or alone, may we all bow our heads and give thanks for what we have. The secret of the Season and the greatest present of all is the Love we exchange with each other…it can easily go by like a ship passing in the night, but its currents can be felt for years. The Holiday Season is a reminder that all we have is each other, and how we treat one another has a profound affect on one another’s lives.

For me, there is no greater gift than a hug, a handshake, or a tender kiss…why? Because they come straight from the heart…they weren’t purchased in a store…they are given unconditionally. The Christmas Season is about the miracle of a birth….who’s to say that miracles can’t happen in our own homes also. The Star that shone for the Three Wise Men along their path to Bethlehem still shines today, to guide us along our journey of life, until we reach the Promised Land. Throughout the centuries, wise men have told us this message over and over again. We All Shall Overcome, someday.

Whatever the future may hold, as long as we have each other and as long as there is Love in this world, there is a chance for mankind to climb out of the Valley of Fear. This Christmas, may we all join hands around all of our tables, no matter how large or small, look up, give thanks, and pray for Peace. If we all for just one moment stop what we’re doing, collectively project our thoughts into the universe, the amplification of Love will calm any waves of despair.

Christmas is about birth…is about Love…is for everyone to feel a part of. No one is left out of a true Christmas. New Year’s is about rebirth, Hope, and dreams….and the Faith that all things are possible.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

Thanks To One and All

This year, like many families, was a trying time for mine. I nearly lost two very important members of my immediate family….how they are still here is nothing short of a miracle. If you would have told me what I would have had to face the coming year I would have not believed it, yet the “impossible” sometimes does happen. Thankfully, those two members of my family are still here, and they will be around my table this Thanksgiving. We all will have something to celebrate, while being reminded that Life is precious, vulnerable, and sometimes quite temporary. Thankfully, we get to spend another Thanksgiving together.

As I journey through my trying times, I am always amazed at how many others also face moments of crisis. I kid you not, it almost feels sometimes that we’re all joining hands together, helping each other get through, and keeping each other from going down. One thing’s for sure, when a group of powerful souls gather together in a room with the Heavens looking over, the mountains can be overcome, and the wounds, over time, do heal. My family and friends are always there for me in my times of need. As easy as it can be to take them for granted, always around Thanksgiving I try my best to tell them, “Thanks,” for just being there.

It’s quite interesting that when things go wrong we say, “Why me?” yet when things go right, it’s easy to feel, “Why not?” Each gift that we receive is truly a blessing and can never be taken for granted, as when despair and misfortune comes knocking at the door, it is at those times that we must overcome and evolve into better people. The Heavens see the Greater Picture while we mere mortals journey on down the road of life.

Thanks to One and All….those whom I’ve lost, those that I still have, and those I have yet to meet,

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

The Wandering Minstrel

Across the oceans, over the mountains, and through the desert the Minstrel roams, for the human ear to hear his song. Be it cold or hot, winter or summer, the Minstrel seeks out those who can hear the language of sound. The Minstrel’s song travels through time and space, reaching for tomorrow, while leaving its mark on yesterday. The crowds may cheer, or sometimes scorn, still the Minstrel presses on to the next town to seek those who need to hear his sweet song. While the journey may be lonely, the Heavens are always watching to see that the song continues until the job is done. Through the wind, through the rust, the Minstrel’s song continues, never knowing where it may lead.

We all are Minstrels with a job to do. When the crowds cheer loudest, the feeling can be empty, yet, when just one voice answers, the heart can overflow. In life, things are never quite as they seem…each day one feels like a walking contradiction…still, the Minstrel in us all forges on with the hope and belief that we all can make this world a better place. Whatever the instrument, the words, or the tune, all our hearts have a song to sing, for the orchestra of life. Either rich or poor, strong or weak, the ears of humanity listen each day for the song of Hope. Silence may be golden, but sound is eternal. Each one of us have a song to sing…whether we know it or not, and every night the Heavens listen, hoping that the chorus grows louder each day, fearing that we all become a distant echo.

So on we go, step by step, mile by mile…until the journey’s over, and the symphony of our lives is complete.

Lift up your voice,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

T.V. Time

Here in the United States this is the time of the year that the networks roll out all their new shows, while premiering a new season of previous hits. This year has brought with it a new and, for some, a disturbing dilemma…..what shows do we watch? and, when???

For example: This week at various times I too have fallen victim to “clashing shows.” America has gone crazy for a show that I have touched on before….called, “Dancing With the Stars,” a weekly show where a champion dancer is partnered with a celebrity, who has very little dancing experience. This is all fine and dandy, unless another one of your favorite shows is on a different channel, at the same time. In my case, it is the Fox Network’s “House,” and also Sci-Fi’s new series “Eureka.” So what do I do? I watch “Dancing With the Stars,” which is now a two hour show, and videotape “House,” and “Eureka.” If this dilemma of having different shows on different networks at the same time starts to repeat itself on multiple nights, by the end of the week you begin to accumulate a nice stash of shows to watch over the weekend.

What kind of effect does this have on your life? I kid you not, some of my friends and I have talked about this….you start to schedule your life around finding time to see all these accumulated shows! Yes indeed…there truly is “only 24 hours in a day!” Tell that to the networks! The scenario gets even more complicated when one or more people in the same household begin to make their favorite shows known also. Moms, Dads, and kids all wrestling with a perilous thought, “What do we watch?” and “When can we watch it?”

I have found it is not a problem taping or tivoing these assortment of shows….but trying to find the time to watch them starts to become a ridiculous problem. It reminded me of a conversation with a college student a number of years ago, where she mentioned that quite a few students were addicted to soap operas, and they would schedule their classes around the ability to be able to watch their favorite soaps! (this was before the days of video). Let me ask you this…how many people do you know videotape their favorite shows during the day, while they are at work, to watch them when they get home? Many do.

T.V. Time, in many of our lives, has become profound and real. More and more, we are determining what we want to watch, and when we want to watch it. Mornings, afternoons, and evenings….for many households the videotape is running. We change our lives, shuffle schedules, and buy popcorn to make sure we don’t miss our favorites. As the old saying goes, now more than ever, “The Show Must Go On.”

Don’t touch that dial!:)

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

The Best and the Brightest

There is a strong belief that throughout all corridors of life eventually, in a free society, the best and the brightest rise to the top. The cream, with all its weight and determination, sits at the threshold of the coffee cup. Is it so? Or is it just as easy for the stench of the corrupt to take that position?

Time and time again, be it countries, corporations, teams or clubs, the corrupt and self-centered can quite easily take over any institution and wield their power. Can the best and the brightest still rise, or has today’s society set out to destroy anyone with new and noble ideals? I can’t for the life of me believe that in the 2004 National Election in the United States the best two people we had to pick from was either George W. Bush, or John Kerry. That’s it? The best and the brightest? Surely there had to be somebody else? Could the answer be that the best and the brightest are no longer willing to allow themselves or their families to be dragged through the mud of politics? The minute someone of either high status or strong integrity announces that they are interested in running for office, within moments the vultures start swarming to see what kind of meat they can pick from their bones. Instantaneously, reporters are summoned to dig up the dirt by any and all means, so that they can have the lead story on the evening news. No wonder the best and the brightest, when asked, say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

For those that do make it through, they better have some personal money, because if they don’t, the Money-Mongers will be banging on the door saying “Without us, you won’t get elected, and one last thing….we own you.” Democrats against Republicans….Republicans against Democrats…the Money-Mongers don’t really care who gets elected, because they give money to both parties…that way, they can’t lose. This November we Americans cast our votes for our candidates of choice…unfortunately, we’re never told who the Money-Mongers are behind some candidates, and when push comes to shove, do those candidates represent Us? Their Party? Or, the Money-Mongers?

Until things change, most, if not all of the best and the brightest will never seek office. I’m sure where you live, whatever country that is, you too have seen examples of how large sums of money can corrupt and control a society. The United States is an incredible country, if it is just left alone to be what the Founding Fathers intended it to be. The 24 hour cable news cycle has shown us that politics has become one of the most lucrative professions ever. The amount of advertising dollars that have been spent by both parties could feed the homeless for years.

So next time you see a Senator or Representative of the Congress debating the contents of a bill before them, think to yourself, who’s words are they saying, their own, or the Money-Mongers? So do we have a Two Party System? Or Three? Democrats, Republicans, and Money-Mongers. If the Democrats hate the Republicans and the Republicans hate the Democrats, guess what? We’ve just elected the Money-Mongers.

Let Freedom Ring,

Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

Google Earth

The search engine Google makes available the ability to access a satellite and zoom in on a destination of your choice. I kid you not, it is absolutely remarkable and fantastic what you can do and see with the touch of a mouse.

Every few days I type in a location from my past to see how things in the neighborhood have changed. Sometimes I’m surprised, sometimes shocked, at how little Time can change a place. Google Earth allows a person to hone in on any location, be it city or town, or countryside….London, New York, Paris, or Rome….one click and you’re there. Seeing the world as a globe spinning through space, wherever you roam on planet Earth, one cannot help but feel how small Earth really is. Be forewarned, these little trips with Google Earth can be quite emotional. Memories may rush back, or excitement beckon, as you think about future trips you could take to a chosen location. One has to wonder, what’s next?

It’s quite amazing to sit in front of the computer and gaze upon the city of Paris, inch by inch, or as a friend of mine said, taking a look at the elementary school she attended while she lived in South Wales, UK. It’s all there…all ready for us to just click and gaze. How about you? what would you like to see? Do you have a favorite city or country?

Traveling can be quite expensive….yet Google Earth, except for photographs, is the next best thing to being there. I’ve included a link to Google Earth at the bottom of this essay…if you’re interested, pay a visit. Although it may not replace a one week vacation to a favorite spot, it can bring the flavor of a place to your home.

Bon Voyage,

Jennifer Avalon

Download Google Earth

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon

Survival of the Fittest

There is a grand illusion to us mere mortals that most of us grow to a ripe old age, and we lose a few along the way. Many perhaps do live into their eighties and nineties….but realistically, are the percentages based on fact, or fiction?

I recently had a conversation with a neighbor of mine who shared with me an interesting experience of hers. She attended her 25th High School Reunion where she had a graduating class of 125 classmates, and was shocked to find out that 25 years later, half of the class was deceased. That’s right….only 62 were still alive! She thought about her graduation day when the principal of the school gave an incredible speech on how they all should strive to the limits and climb the mountain of success. In reflection, she said to me, “Jennifer, one little part the principal left out was that in hindsight, he should have told us to put a little time aside each day for staying alive!” President Bush recently turned 60, and a reporter mentioned that over one third of the people born on that day never made it to 60. In my area, I read that a local baby boomers group got together and celebrated the fact that many of them would be retiring next year at 62. What shocked them was also the amount of boomers their age that never made it…one wrote, “Thank God we’re still here.”

So how many of us truly live to a ripe old age? Is it as many as we think? Or is it “Survival of the Fittest?” One thing’s for sure, as busy as our days may be, if we plan to be around for the long haul we’re going to have to find some valuable time to put aside for our maintenance and well -being. If it’s good for the car, it’s good for us!

As I was thinking about this essay over the past couple of days, it was quite interesting that every day I was coming across stories on the subject matter of life and longevity…some of which I was surprised at. Did you know that more people worldwide commit suicide then the amount of people who die from murder and war? I didn’t! As much as we like to think we are indestructible, Life has a strange way of reminding us that we are all just flesh and bones.

I don’t find the truth depressing…because after all, it’s what we don’t know that can hurt us. We are born on this planet and we need food, clothing, and shelter to survive. That’s the physical part…..spiritually we need Love. Everything after that is gravy, totally created by humanity…money, transportation, jobs, etc. Many spend their lives accumulating material goods until one day they realize, do I really need all this junk? when I just need a little to make me happy? Accidents may happen every day….but we have to stay fit physically and spiritually to survive.

Grow old along with me,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon


This past week I set out to totally revamp my living room. It has been five years since I shifted around the furniture and splashed on a new coat of paint, so it seemed fitting to give my favorite room a new look. It’s quite amazing how we begin to feel comfortable in our surroundings, and after a while we subconsciously start zoning out highlights of a room we spend many hours in. It could be a painting, a couch, or a simple rug…I kid you not, as the months roll by our eyes can easily start factoring them out….until one day when we decide to make some changes….we then look at every square inch to see what stays, and what goes. For me, that time was this week.

As I went about moving the furniture, repainting the wood floor, and repositioning pictures and paintings, it was as if, after a while, the living room itself started to have a conversation with me. Each change I made I felt was done in agreement with the room. This process took two days…the room was transformed, bright and new, while still retaining its original character. I only wanted to give the room a fresh look….while not erasing the memories.

How about you? Have you ever gone through this experience? Possibly so. When you go out to run errands, and return home, the difference can be striking and gratifying. So many of us feel we have to move on to a new house after five years or so….forgetting that it is quite simple to just re-invent the house that we have. A friend of mine who was considering selling his house and moving, fixed it all up to put on sale, and it was at that point he looked around and said, “What, am I crazy? The house is now the way I wanted it all along! So why move?”

As we enter each room in our home, the walls speak back to us of all the time that we have spent in that surrounding. In this day and age, it is so easy to get bored in the shortest span of time. While we forget the history that we are personally creating, revamping our surrounds gives us the opportunity to look back and plow ahead.

If home is where the heart is, it too needs a little tender loving care to let it know how much it means to us.

Home Sweet Home,

love, Jennifer Avalon

© 2006 Jennifer Avalon