We All Have a Place

Every one of us is blessed in one way or another. Some people areathletic, some people are good at mathematics, and some people arecreative,etc. The power we have over our lives is, in most cases, determined by us. The choices, the directions, and the thoughts are mainly of our choosing. Have you ever sat alone and said to yourself “Who am I and what on earth is it that I am here to do?” Well, from the letters I receive many have…..myself included.

The mysteries of life are quite amazing….you can’t help but feel sometimes like a sailor lost at sea….not quite knowing which way is land. Some choose to remain forever lost at sea, and some take it upon themselves to not give up and chart their own course. Still others look above and pray for guidance. I believe we are all on little boats sailing around, trying to find our way home. Some call it “peace of mind”, “contentment”, “personal satisfaction” or a “sense of accomplishment” but many of us search for that part of ourselves where we can find true meaning and balance.

We search for the place where the answers are…..where we can see what makes each one of us unique. What helps guide us there are lines like “I can do that”, or “This comes very naturally to me”. When we like what we do, we tend to do it well….it’s not a coincidence. It’s a journey, this life of ours, and like all journeys it has hills and valleys….very little even road. On this journey don’t be swayed by the valleys…we all have to go through them. How we travel along this road is a choice….do we walk? Bicycle ride? Or take the car? Then it falls to what kind of bike, what kind of car, etc. What’s important is that we choose a mode of transporation that we feel comfortable with, because some days are sunny, and some days are stormy. Our unique gifts and talents become vital to the continuation of the journey. If you’ve found that place of your uniqueness, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, don’t give up searching…..it exists.

There is a tremendous need right now in this world for what each one of us can contribute in a positive way. Our talents and gifts are the means for us to accomplish our mission here and leave this world a better place. No contribution is too little. In the end, God has put us here for a purpose, and it matters that we are here.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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