Life’s Education

There are many people who feel because of bad experiences that schooling is some form of punishment, that you go through the experience year after year and lo and behold, one day you graduate and hallelujah! You’re free! The real scenario here is that once you graduate from school the “true” education begins. I believe the purpose of educational institutions is to teach you the fundamentals of learning that help your mind process information and, hopefully, set you on the road to being a better citizen. I know some schools are better than others….no, it is not fair…..but many have risen to the challenges placed before them and triumphed. I accept the fact that in life there may not be an even playing field but with conviction, faith and a little help anything is possible.

The real challenge begins once you leave school. So many fall into the trap of looking at the graduation from their schools as an end to the process of learning. I don’t know why, but many look at learning as some form of punishment….it is not. In reality, learning is not supposed to stop until the day you die. You don’t need a continued collection of degrees to carry on the process. Each year we live we’re supposed to evolve into betterpeople…learning more, and implementing what we learn into our lives tobecome compassionate and caring people who can support themselves and their families. Yes I know bad things happen to good people, but I try to look at it as a learning experience. I believe you can learn your way out of a bad situation. You can look at it, see where things went wrong, and implement the changes needed to correct the mistakes.

As we go through life it’s important that we don’t lose sight of the big picture. I believe there is a very valid reason for each of us being here. I think it’s part of God’s plan that we as souls learn and evolve and create a better spiritual environment for ourselves and for others. Without the continued progression of forward motion everything would stagnate and stagnation causes decay. I know there are many people out there who feel depressed and every day wonder why they’re even here at all. Please don’t go down that road. You do matter. You can turn things around. You are valuable.

So each Sunday night before you start the work week think to yourself “What can I do, what can I learn, so that by Friday I have evolved into a person who knows more than they did at the start of the week”. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges…read that book that caught your eye, take a course in improving your computer skills…it’s okay one night to sit down with the family and watch something educational…you may find you all have more in common than you thought. The point is, the benefits are out there…don’t be afraid to reach out and grab them. If you need a source of inspiration and kindness don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with a friend, or pray to God. Those who love us, listen.

Best of luck with your endeavors,

Jennifer Avalon
(c) 1998 Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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