Accepting Joy

How many of us have a problem letting our hearts and souls be replenished with happiness, security, contentment and joy? With so many roles we play each day in society it’s so easy to put up the barriers and assume a defensive posture. Yes, we do have to protect ourselves but does that have to entail closing off the pathways into our hearts? A recent conversation I had with a friend touched upon these concerns. She told me that whenever she did something for herself that made her happy, quickly that happiness turned into doubt and then guilt. It was very hard for her to allow the full experience of joy to fill her heart. She actually believed she was not “worthy” of these feelings. Now my friend is a beautiful person….if that can happen to her, it must happen to many. Today in society we are so bombarded with negativism, it has become an accepted solution to many problems. It’s so easy to give up and not try to improve a situation.

Joy and happiness are wonderful things…they give us energy to battle through troubling times. Everyday we fill up our reserve fuel tanks with energy…what kind of energy we put there is really our decision. Anger and fear provide negative energy….but for many of us there is no limit to the level of anger and fear we allow to fill our consciousness. It does matter what you think and feel. It does affect the quality of your life and others. Positive energy comes from laughter, love, hope, and peace. It puts you in a relaxed state to reflect and enjoy yourself and the world around you. Some find these feelings threatening, because it’s so much harder to control a person who feels complete and loved.

Empowerment is one of the greatest gifts to give oneself. Joy and love are some of the positive fuels that will help you move forward and strive. Accept the things that you need to propel you into the existence that can be beneficial to your life. Let them fill your heart and soul….you can never have too much positive energy. Look around you, and look above…you may be surprised, the answers may be right there in front of you. Spread your arms and let it in.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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