If you look at small birds a couple of days after they’ve been born you will see them flapping their arms, trying to imitate their mother, who can easily fly around at will. Over time they develop wings but still they need the training and guidance to fulfill their dream of enjoying flight, just like mom. In the early days of airplane development people like the Wright Brothers tried over and over again to build a machine that could sustain flight. One day in a field the Wright Brothers were able to make their small man-made craft accomplish flight for just a few minutes. What’s rarely mentioned is the amount of time that was put in to create those few small minutes. Yes, it takes work, dedication and belief to get wings.

I believe each one of us were born to fly. I know, humans can’t fly…physically that is, but who knows what wonders of flight can be accomplished by our souls and minds? It isn’t simple to just fly….just like the Wright Brothers, it can involve many hours of set-backs andfrustrations. Like small birds, we stumble, shake our heads, and wonder, “Why doesn’t this just come easy?” You’re not alone feeling this way…many of us out there battle the same obstacles everyday. The world is not a kind place to learn to fly, but it’s not impossible. You can find a way. Why is all this talk of wings important? Because for our dreams, hopes and beliefs they need a means of flight. That falls on our shoulders…the very place where wings take hold. Once the weight is removed from the shoulders, the wings have no impediment to flight. Like airplanes, when we become airborne we run into things like turbulence, wind-shear, and mild storms, but after awhile the air becomes smooth and peaceful. As our wings become stronger we learn to fly above the storms, and in some cases be able to see them coming. What a wonderful sight to see the sun, gaze at the moon, and feel the Heavens. A Oneness with everything.

Spread your wings,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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