The Links of Life

All of our emotions and actions are interconnected. Our emotions bring about decisions that thrust energy and thought into action. At the other end of the spectrum the work that we partake in has a profound affect on our feelings. These two components, emotions and actions, greatly shape our quality of life.
When a problem arises many times we focus on the one specific area that needs adjusting at that moment. What becomes clear over time is that once one looks under the surface, the roots of a problem become more apparent. An example: If I have a toothache, I’m fully aware that my tooth is bothering me, but what I don’t focus on is how or why I got the toothache in the first place. If I like consuming a lot of sugar in my diet at some point there’s a good chance I will develop another toothache. So off we go to the dentist to fill the tooth that is infected…but the true origin of that infection can go untreated. Another example: Have you ever noticed you almost always start to come down with a cold or get sick when you are under severe amounts of stress? You take your medication, and after a few days you start to feel better. But if the stress levels are not reduced, how much longer will it be before you encounter another cold? We spend large amounts of money in society on medications of all kinds, some very much needed, others avoidable. What we have to ask ourselves is, how much of what happens to us is linked to our emotions and actions?

The same can be said about the people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. We all probably know someone at work who has nothing nice to say about anything….after a couple of hours around such a person you start to feel like you want to scream. The information that we absorb affects our life and eventually has to be released. Our emotions can affect our health, but so too can the people around us, not to mention television, movies and music. I enjoy listening to certain types of music. It would be naive of me not to believe that music doesn’t affect the quality of my day. Anger needs fuel to increase. Be aware of what you take in.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of the link between the physical and spiritual world. I can’t express enough how vital the balance between the two is needed. So much of life is lived between the two. Right in the middle. The pendulum consistently swings to the physical and back to the spiritual. Percentages increasing and decreasing at will. There is no one entity unto itself. As the world becomes smaller, the links between us grow stronger. It is up to us to determine if those links should bloom like a rose, or strangle like a weed. We all live in the garden.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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