It is very important for us to remember we are spiritual beings. Dangling in front of us everyday are the temptations of our physical world. If you eat this, wear that, or drive the ultimate car you will find total happiness. Well, sad to say that kind of happiness is very short-lived, needing a constant supply of finances to maintain such a level of “bliss.” To have true equilibrium we must strive to stay “centered.” The further we divert from that center, the more confused and fragmented we become. As spiritual beings the core of who we are and what we represent here on earth is the essence of Heaven. Do we rise to the occasion, or abandon the gift we have been given? We have no shortage of reasons in this world to give up, but what we can never have enough of are the reminders to go on.

Our spirits need encouragement. Some find attending church, praying, meditating or taking a quiet walk as ways to stay spiritually focused and centered. Others feel replenished doing humanitarian work in their communities. The search is to find and maintain inner peace in a world of contradictions.

Throughout our lives, constantly we struggle with the balance between peace and turmoil. Seventy-five percent of one, and twenty-five percent of the other, looking for the magical formula that will make everything “right.” We crave to prolong our moments of well-being, only to see them disappear as the pendulum swings. Perhaps with enough reminders we can make that pendulum stay still a little longer each time. The center, where calm prevails. We decide what we choose to remember. Peace can survive through any storm if the maps we use return us to our center. Each one of us write our own blueprint of life, updating as we go along. Written between the lines are the reminders that we choose to repeat. A prayer, a commandment, a phrase….the words or memories that help us to carry on. In this world, we as spiritual beings need reminders to remember who we are.

Try to remember,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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