Faith is the belief in Oneself and of a Greater Picture. Faith is the understanding that the world does not revolve around Us, but we revolve around It. Faith is the belief that we can be part of the Problem, and part of the Solution. Faith is seeing that there is a purpose to Life and a reason for its Existence. Faith is coming to terms with your own position in the Universe and how your actions affect its outcome. Faith is realizing that in the end, the Love that you’ve contributed is all that matters.

I believe that these are the intentions of why we are here. Perhaps one day we can all realize that God sees us as truly all His children and a wonderful Human Family that someday, hopefully, will understand that we are all Citizens of Heaven. Yes, I know many out there believe in different religions…what do we do with those who see things differently than us? Do we scorn them, persecute them, crucify them? Or do we embrace them, hold out our hands, and say “I know I don’t see the world the same way you do, but what do we have in common….and let us build upon that.” During the Cold War President Kennedy was asked, why do you even bother to listen to Chairman Kruschev of the Soviet Union? Kennedy replied “I don’t really have a choice….if I refuse to continue dialogue with the Chairman, it will simply be the end of the world.” To me, President Kennedy, in this case, could see that swallowing his pride and ego was vitally important for the safety of mankind. Each year the world is faced with the same dilemma. As we close out this millennium we look back on a century of two world wars, and far too many motherless children to mention. What have we learned?……What, we don’t really know.

As Faith enters the twenty-first century with tools such as the Internet, the Citizens of the World move closer in dialogue, thought and feeling. A person who subscribes to my newsletter recently shared with me a wonderful story. She and three other people enter a chat room each week on Saturday. They share their stories, jokes, tears and revelations. None of them know what each other looks like, but the Love between them grows week to week. These four people are from different parts of the world and in June, they will all meet together for the first time in London, England. Four people who perhaps would never have “met” and maybe would have even passed each other by on the street, now tell each other how they see the world and themselves. A wonderful case where minds meet before bodies.

Faith exists, Faith lives….Faith is the tool that God has given us to change the world.

Keep the Faith,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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