Back on the Horse

So the saying goes, “If you are thrown from a horse, the best thing to do is to get right back in the saddle,” to limit the damage from fear. The same can be said for Life. Each day one of us embarks on a goal or challenge and as you well know nothing runs smoothly for very long in this world we live in. The plans or goals we set for ourselves, at the beginning look wonderful on paper, but the pitfalls and setbacks always seem to come when we least expect them. This is what I call “the failure zone.” The majority of missions end at this point.

In the “failure zone” havoc reigns. Every insecurity and fear pops up right in front of your eyes. Little voices start to echo through your brain, telling you things like “You’ve got to be kidding….this won’t work,” or, “Why don’t you crawl back under your rock and not come out again?” I remember recently reading an interview with actor Richard Gere, talking about his thoughts on why he became successful. Richard stated, “I learned early on in my career that when you screw up, just keep on going.” The significance here is that even when Richard picked bad movies, he just plowed ahead to the next step…he didn’t quit. Nor do we have to quit our endeavors. One thing we should always remember….history has taught us that anything that is vitally important, whether on a personal level or for society as a whole, not only takes courage and belief, but the expectation that something along the way will try to stop us. Once we accept this, we can prepare ourselves for the obstacles. There’s an old saying in the opera world….before an opera singer goes onstage, they always say,”Chase the wolf off the stage.” One could call it a superstitious phrase, but it is the realization that there are positive and negative forces that can affect performance.

For some, just getting out of bed each morning is a major undertaking. For others, walking through that door to work. The challenges are always there for us everyday. Our choice is either to face them, or turn away. I guess you could say, as you look out your window in the morning, is a wild untamed stallion staring at you, daring you to ride it? As you climb into the saddle, all hell breaks loose, but off you go, down the road….and after awhile the ride becomes smoother, but not until you’ve been thrown a few times, and as any good cowboy will tell you, eventually the cowboy and the horse become one. An unbreakable bond develops between the two. The Lone Ranger just had to whistle, for his horse Silver to come to his side. And let’s not forget his faithful friend Tonto, either. Sometimes it takes our friendships, our faith, and our courage to get back in the saddle and say:

“Hi-yo Silver, away!!!!”

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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