Maybe…..a very interesting little word. It’s neither here nor there, up or down, left or right…… hanging on the fence, looking around, and waving at everybody. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live in a world where we didn’t have to make any decisions, no mistakes, and have no one mad at us for standing up for our point of view…..all the world huddled in a little corner, saying “maybe.” There’s only one problem…..we would never really know how each of us truly feels. If all we do is say “maybe” then we have given up the right to complain when something goes wrong.

What do we think, what do we see, what do we feel? Any one of these thoughts, when expressed, take us away from the position of “maybe.” How many times have we all listened to somebody saying things like, “I didn’t hear about that,” “I don’t have time to watch the news,” or “I think voting is a waste of time.” “Maybe” likes us to waste time because we can put off decisions indefinitely. While we put things off until tomorrow, each day, little by little, our “maybe’s” rob us of our own power.

“Maybe” gives us a sense of false security. We think by not stating a point of view will result in everybody liking us…on the contrary. The respect we crave is diminished. When we say “maybe,” over time, piece by piece, we remove our credibility. Time after time “maybe” makes us stand by and watch injustice, abuse, and crimes. “Maybe” eventually takes away our voices and leaves us silent. For if a voice is not used, the vocal chords forget how to make sound. “Maybe” in the end means doing nothing…..”apathy.”

Each day we are all confronted with yes and no…..some yes’s are not always pleasant….some no’s are not always painful. The judgment rests on our own shoulders. Where does that leave “maybe?” Neither no or yes…a decision in limbo.

Embrace your decisions,
Jennifer Avalon
(c) 1999 Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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