Value the Space You Occupy

Whether we like it or not, value is assigned to the space we occupy….in other words, who we are. Who assigns this value? Well, to God, we are all His children, but the value that is assigned is first set by our parents, and then society. Eventually, this spills over into the mental picture we hold of ourselves as individuals. I could say, who cares? But these values can greatly affect not only the course you take in life, but also the perception that people have of you.

Imagine to yourself that you are standing in the center of a circle. Draw a line around that circle. The center point is who you are. What enters and leaves the circle is your interaction with society….be it friends, family, coworkers, or just plain strangers. As the saying goes, “No man or woman is an island unto themselves.” Yes, it is important to have a positive image of oneself, but we must also take into account if that image differs from the people we interact with. Why? Because of a little thing called “The Ego.” The ego can distort our perceptions very easily, and before too long, what we think we are, is not what we are. So, the atmosphere within the circle can greatly affect our lives.

On a scale of zero to one hundred is how we perceive our lives to be. If a person falls within the first 10%, that person feels that their life is meaningless…”they can be done without.” As the percentages increase, the perception of the value of one’s life also increases until we reach one hundred percent….where that person’s concept of themselves is that “I am the greatest, and the world would revolves around me.” Both ends of the scale are dangerous. At school, we were taught that the best score is 100……in Life, I believe the best score falls around 50 or 60. Why? Because at a score of around 50 a person can see their value in the world and realize there is always room for improvement…..also, that other people’s value matters.

50% is the center…..the Balance of Life. Some days we can score a 40, other days, a 70…but the aim we must strive for is the magical 50, where all things look clear, logical, and make sense. I believe within that number 50 are the words “Peace, Fulfillment, Tranquility, Humility, and Purpose.” These are the real goals of Life. A person may have all the riches the world can offer, but unless, on the Test of Life he or she maintains close to a 50, there is no balance.

May you find your balance,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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