Gather Together

Every week there is a long list of chores that we set in front of ourselves to accomplish. It’s not a surprise that parts of us spread out in all different directions to seek out the information and solutions that we need to succeed at our given tasks. One part of us may have a project at work….another part needs to pick up something at a local convenience store for the home….and yet again another part may have to sit down and listen to a loved one who is having some kind of difficulty. These parts of us that we assign to different tasks sometimes can leave us feeling fragmented, and even lost. That is why it is so important that we retrieve these parts at the end of each day to become whole again.

We all play different roles in life. Some are moms, some are dads, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. In order for us to continue playing these roles we must accomplish some level of success….otherwise the enthusiasm and energy will decrease, and before we know it we turn off and tune out. We have our successes and failures, but if we learn from our mistakes we can then be better prepared next time. Therefore, it’s important that we observe and reevaluate what it is we want to do here on earth.

Here’s a little exercise to try out each evening. Write down on little pieces of paper things that you feel you’ve accomplished, things that you didn’t accomplish, goals that you set for yourself going forward, and how to improve the relationships in your life. Split these slips of paper into 4 groups. Look over them…they are some of the most important thoughts of your life. All the successes, failures, hopes, and dreams gathered together before you, in one place. Now remove the most important pieces of paper that you feel can best represent the life that you see for yourself going forward. Example: What relationships do you feel are most important in your life? Where do you see yourself working a year from now? How can you make your life run more smoothly? Once you pick these pieces, write them down on one piece of paper, and post it in a place that you can look at daily. You may think that your eyes will just glance over it….but your subconscious mind will remember every letter on that sheet. You have set for yourself goals, a mission, and a way to improve the quality of life. One last important point…..never forget to give Thanks for all that you do have, because there are many worse off….

Compassion, Humility, Faith, Hope, Dreams, and Love…these are the threads of the fabric of life. They enhance our senses, and make us feel alive. Without them, we are just passing time. Gather these threads, and you can weave miracles.

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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