The Human Heart

In our lifetimes, we all run the risk of a corner of our hearts turning cold. It usually happens when fear keeps us from expressing ourselves, or some event hurts us emotionally, and the only way we think we can survive is to freeze sections of our hearts. The human heart can only hold so much pain before it reacts.

We all come into this world with warm hearts…..hearts that can’t seem to take in enough Love…..every baby needs to be held, and to be kept warm and safe. In some countries women hold their babies strapped to their bodies all day long, so that the child never feels “left.” As we grow older, we still have the same heart needing the same Love, but events can slowly begin to give us a “change of heart.”

Fear is usually the beginning of the freeze of the human heart. Fear comes in many shapes and forms….we all know when we feel a sense of fear. Fear can be masked in the form of what we call “Racism”….”Violence”….”Hatred”….there are many shapes human fear can take form in. It never goes away by suppressing it. The only way Fear goes away is by recognizing it for what it is, and by talking about it. Talking freely about it. Hearing all sides of the Fear…..from the one who fears, and the one who may be feared. Open dialogue can erase human fear. It takes courage to unfreeze sections of the human heart…..but the end result is a heart that can feel warmth again.
In the world we can try to control human emotions, but the problem is, human emotions cannot be changed by governments, or suppression, or individual groups.

The most dangerous tactic of all is to try to repress the fear of the human heart….it must be dealt with openly in order for it to heal, just as a wound has to be cleansed before it can begin to go away. “Racism”, “Violence” and “Hatred”, all fears in the human heart, are wounds that must heal. Ask yourself what happens to a wound that doesn’t have a chance to heal? It invades the body further, causing greater damage…..not only to the one wounded, but to those nearby. We are all affected by the walking wounded, whether we want to face it or not. Just read the newspapers.

The Human Heart has a huge capacity to Love. It is born that way. It is the cloud of mankind’s ignorance that hovers over the innocent Human Heart. It is the job of each of us to try to see beyond the weaknesses of Mankind, and promote that which strengthens our capacity for Love.

Keep your heart open,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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