From the day we are born until the day we die, we walk through a field made up of “Hopefullys.” What do I mean by this?

From birth to age ten, hopefully, we are born normal. Hopefully, we have loving parents. Hopefully, we are accepted by our siblings. Hopefully, we are born in a safe and prosperous country. Hopefully, we get into a good grade school. Hopefully, we don’t have learning disabilities. Hopefully, a good foundation has been established for our future growth. These are the challenges that face every human being in the first ten years of life.

From age ten to twenty, hopefully, we evolve into healthy teenagers, hopefully we form good relationships with our peers. Hopefully, we learn to communicate well. Hopefully, through dating, we learn how to love. Hopefully, we graduate high school and go on to a higher education, or, learn a valuable skill.
From age twenty to thirty, hopefully, we graduate from college, or are fully established in the trained skill. Hopefully, we meet and marry a person who is good for us. Hopefully we get a good job. Hopefully we ourselves have healthy children. Hopefully, we learn how to sustain ourselves financially. Hopefully, we learn to think about more than ourselves. Hopefully, we don’t allow hate to control our hearts.

From age thirty to forty, hopefully our children get into good schools. Hopefully, they too learn how to love. Hopefully we didn’t screw up in parenting. Hopefully we can beat the fifty percent odds and not get divorced. Hopefully, we still have that good job. Hopefully, we can save a little money.
From forty to fifty, hopefully we can survive our mid-life crisis. Hopefully, our children have established good relationships. Hopefully they too have good jobs. Hopefully, we learn to deal with the fact that we may not become famous. Hopefully we begin to understand what really matters in life. Hopefully, we can take care of our parents in the twilight of their years.

From fifty on, hopefully, we still have that good job. Hopefully, we are in good health and also, our families. Hopefully we have put enough money aside for our twilight years. Hopefully, we learn to deal with the limitations of age, with grace. Hopefully, we can look back on our lives and be proud overall. Hopefully, we can pass on to our children and grandchildren the wisdom of our years. Hopefully, when we pass on, and see the Gates of Heaven, they swing open and we are greeted with smiles.

This is not a depressing scenario……..this is real, this is life. What are the odds for us to get all these “hopefullys” right and have everything fall our way? Almost impossible. But we are human beings, we do make mistakes, and the beauty is we can learn from them and go on. Is it any wonder why people get lost, feel trapped, and lose hope? When one of the “hopefullys” fail, all it takes sometimes is a hand reaching out to pull us up, dust us off, and move forward. While all this goes on, God watches, is there for help, and sees how we deal with things. So let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Throughout life we walk through a minefield of “hopefullys.” Hopefully, when we reach the end of the field, we realize, Love heals all wounds.

There is hope,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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