Feeling Safe

We all come into this world wanting to feel safe. We cling to our mothers as babies, and, as toddlers, tug at our father’s trousers to steady ourselves. As we continue to grow we begin to realize that people can hurt us with words and deeds, others can think, behave, and believe differently than us, and we have little control over things like the weather and wars. So we invent little things to make our minds think that yes, we are safe.

Routines become a way of creating a sense of safety. Surrounding ourselves with a network of friends and relatives also provides us with a feeling of safety. For some, isolation makes them feel safe. The reality is, none of this is “real” safety. Our loved ones can pass on, earth changes can happen without a moment’s notice, a fanatic can decide it’s their turn to become famous. So where does this leave us? For some, with a deep down sense that they are “not really safe.”

For me, a sense of safety comes from the fact that I believe there is a God, and that there is a world beyond this one. Some people see that as a weakness…..I feel it is a strength. I am aware of the fact that I will be “held accountable” for my actions and my thoughts (yes, thoughts do have power)…..this makes me feel safe. Why? Because I know that the human being is a struggling soul throughout his or her entire lifetime, but that in the end, all that we do and feel is held up before the “real court of justice,” and we have a chance to see how we really behaved on earth. I know there will be things that I wish I could have corrected while on earth, about myself. Things I will probably be upset that I said or did…… and there will be other things that I will be proud of.

I believe that feeling Love is far more “safe” for the human soul than feeling Hate. Love is like a shield because it comes from a different place than Hate. Hate is earth created, I believe. I don’t think there is one bit of Hate in Heaven, because Heaven is made of God’s Love….entirely. So how do bad deeds get punished, one could ask, if Heaven is made of pure Love? The worst punishment of all is to have to look at ourselves and our behavior and to have to feel the pain we may have inflicted upon others, if we did so. God knows this. But we can only allow ourselves, our egos, to do this in a place of safety…..in a place of Love.

As I watch the goings on in this world I continue to hope and pray that mankind sees the consequences of his behavior towards others……..that it really does matter what we do and say to each other. We all are human……we all get angry and sad and bitter at times, but we can balance that with our incredible capacity for Love and Compassion. The more we practice the latter, the “safer” we will become.

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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