Riding the Range

Howdy Pardners! Each morning we wake up…we get ourselves together, check our horses, tighten our saddles, and head off into the landscape. Riding the range can be both enjoyable and treacherous at times, but as we discover, the better prepared we are for the unexpected, the easier the ride.

The landscape of life has peaks, valleys, desert and rough terrain. Like any good cowboy or cowgirl, it is good to know one’s territory. Like all journeys, there are shortcuts which are learned from experience. It can get dusty out on the trail….but with a couple of good maps and a sturdy horse, we can reach our destinations. Life is kind of like the wild wild West….there are heroes and villians….twists and turns, and rainbows in the mists. Each morning before I set off, I always try to make sure that the saddle is firmly planted on my trusty horse, because as any good range rider knows, to succeed on the ride, the rider and the horse must become one. I never forget the Lone Ranger, who, when he ran into trouble, always had Tonto, Silver, and Tonto’s horse Scout there to lend a helping hand. We don’t have to ride the range alone….groups do set off to find the same destination. But before embarking upon the ride, it’s good to decide who leads and whose expertise can be called upon when needed. Once again, the group to succeed must ride as one.
I wish you well on your ride on the range, and may you discover what it is you are searching for in life. Hey you never know….somewhere along the trail you may see in the distance a cowgirl with a guitar singing some songs around the campfire! That cowgirl might be me. Don’t be shy….mosy on down and sing along…..:)

Happy Trails to you,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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