Love Lights The Way

Changes can come about when you least expect it. New relationships, new jobs, new hobbies, and changing addresses. All this can be shocking, to say the least, but one thing always seems to pull us through….loved ones and friends. This week I moved to Cape Cod, and in all honesty, it would have been a lot harder of a move if it wasn’t for my loved ones and friends.

New experiences can seem scary and shaky….but with the right reinforcements, and circle of care, we can weather just about any storm. As they say, no man or woman is an island unto themselves…one never knows when one may be in need of help. That help too, can be reciprocated. Fuel is needed for any new endeavor….the most potent kind of fuel can keep you going for miles. Love is a powerful source of energy.

So what can Love do for us mere mortals? For me, Love is a lighthouse that shows me a safe port and guides me through rough terrain. Love is a river that takes me to a sea of calm. Love is the one thing that always restores me to the center. Love does light the way…..we just have to allow ourselves to let it in.

The past few weeks I have been on a journey of some sort….a move that has taken me hundreds of miles from where I was. Though I knew and accepted where I was going, the fear and uncertainty still accompanied me. The well of Love that I nurtured and replenished was there for me when I needed it. Love is the ultimate food of life….it feeds the hunger of our souls….I believe it is the one thing we take with us when we pass on.

The value of Love on planet Earth can be underestimated….don’t ever make that mistake…..Love is more valuable than the greatest diamond and more precious than a bar of gold. The trick is to realize this while we are here.

Let love fill your heart,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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