Buy America

This week’s attack on the United States was centered in two areas….the financial center of New York, and the military headquarters of the Pentagon, Washington, DC. These attacks were meant to cripple us financially, and damage our defenses. The question now looms….did they succeed, or fail?

Many Americans may feel powerless at this given moment, but it is not so. If it was the economy they meant to crush, then we, each and every one of us, have a say if this is to materialize. I offer a suggestion….that each and every American go out and purchase and support American products. It doesn’t matter if it’s the grocery store down the street, the shopping center at the mall, or the stockmarket come Monday morning. We buy….they lose! Nothing has really changed….America is still the greatest economy in the world, and in the words of President Roosevelt, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
Yes, indeed, America is wounded, but by the hour those wounds are healing. The display of patriotism that is sweeping this country is breathtaking. We forgot to remember that we are Americans….unfortunately, it has taken these acts to wake us up. America will never be the same again…we can never take for granted the blessings we have here.

So over the next few months, let’s contribute to those in need, and support the great economic institution that some sought to tear down.

Buy America,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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