Isn’t it interesting….that certain aspects of life seem to follow a pattern. For example, you head off during the day and one thing seems to go wrong after another, or, at each intersection, you make every green light. Strange, isn’t it? Well, for the lack of a better word, I call these occurrences “trends.”
People in the stock market understand trends quite well. They come out and tell us where they believe the market is headed, based upon past history. Can we too look upon our past histories to better understand the trends that affect our lives, what causes them, and what changes them?

Recently I read an article about an understudy actor on Broadway who was there for when the leading star of the play couldn’t perform. The play was running for 3 months, when lo and behold, one night the call came in that the leading actor would not be able to give his performance that evening. The understudy knew that this perhaps could be his chance to light up the lights of Broadway. In sharing his feelings, the understudy explained all the work and preparation he had put into his craft, which prepared him for that night. What happened was the understudy gave such an incredible performance, that 2 weeks later he heard from Hollywood that they wanted to cast him in a new soap opera that they were developing. Was he just “lucky?” or was he prepared for something that has happened time and time again….the Trend. How many other stories are out there about the undiscovered actor or actress who gets their “lucky break.” If this trend does exist, wouldn’t it be unwise for any “understudy” in a play, to not be prepared for their moment to shine?

The trend can be friend or foe. The awareness of its existence can, in many cases, help determine the outcome. If one observes a negative trend developing, and he or she is aware that this has happened before, by that awareness they may be able to stop it, and turn it around. Same can be said for positive trends….when they occurred before, could they have been extended? By understanding the trends, we may be able to get a better control over their lengths, by making the positive trends longer, and perhaps, negative trends shorter.

Johnny Carson, the legendary talk show host, was once asked, how does he react to the ratings of his show? He replied, “They go up, and sometimes they go down. I learned a long time ago, everything runs in cycles.” Johnny fully understood that trends exist, and he adapted accordingly. I believe we too run through cycles, and trends, in our lives. The trick is to learn from them, so that each turn of the wheel we become a little wiser, and more compassionate. Yes, there are new trends, but history has an uncanny way of repeating itself.

Amend the trend,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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