Time Travelers

As much as there are parts of the past we choose to forget, some of it we still cherish. The collection of memories that we carry with us to this day make up who we are. Things may not go always according to plan, but hopefully over time we live and learn. The “good old days” may be gone, but perhaps there are still many good times yet to come. The past creeps up behind us, and taps us on the shoulder once in a while…..still, heading towards us, is the breeze of the future. All the while, past and future encircles us in the present.

Pain and joy, the main two experiences, we handle throughout our lives. We savor the comfort of some memories of our yesterdays….fearful at times of what tomorrow may bring. What lies ahead, who knows? But hopefully, we can learn to change the things that bring us pain and enhance those that bring us joy. All of us are Time Travelers….darting back and forth through our memories and our dreams. Time Travelers, searching for a place where everything makes sense, never giving up hope that one day we will find the promised land.
The more we live, the more we discover the riddle of life….traveling through time, stopping at ports before heading back out to sea. Time can be our friend, or our enemy…..wisdom helps us make the choice. As the years may change the way we look, we are never too far removed from the child we once were, while coming towards us, not too far in the distance, is what we are to become.

So, Fellow Time Traveler, how is your journey going? I myself wish I could have made less mistakes, gained more wisdom earlier, but, hopefully, there are still more tomorrow’s to make the changes when need be. Sitting on the table before us each day are three piles of sand, the past, the present, the future. As we live on, the quantity of each pile changes, but the amount stays the same. So much for the mystery of life….there it is, right before us, if we choose to see it. The sands of time, that swirl around us.

Yes, indeed…..Human Time Travelers, pressing on through time and space, picking up souvenirs along the way, realizing that one day, we come Home. When we unload our cargo we reveal where we have been, what we have changed, who we have helped, and what we have learned. The journey through life, where perhaps Heaven and Earth got a little closer.

Enjoy the flight,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2002 Jennifer Avalon

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