Soap Opera

So many of us watch daily the comings and goings of our favorite Soap Operas. How seriously do some take this fetish? Quite a few who work during the day video tape their favorite shows so that they can view them in the evenings when they get home. A friend of mine never misses an episode of “All My Children,” even though she watches it at around 10PM, many hours after it has aired. Soap Operas…a little touch of creative writing, with characters who sometimes can feel like next door neighbors.

In the Soap Opera genre, we watch the comings and goings of other people’s lives….but really, how far off can they be from our own lives? Humorously, don’t we also live our own personal Soap Opera daily?? Couldn’t we all fill up an hour of airtime based upon our experiences of the day? Our daily lives, a continuing story on the roller coaster of life, that can enter any climate at any given moment.

Think to yourself, don’t you too have your friends and acquaintances, and an appearance of a villain once in a while? Perhaps we too are writers of Soap Operas. Some record their Soap Opera in the form of a diary, so that they can read back over the years to see how the story has unfolded. Others do it through photo albums. Here’s an idea….how about someone in the family assigned the task of jotting down the lives of the members of the family for the week? Then, each week or month all get together to listen, laugh, and learn. Of course, we would try our best to not hurt anyone’s feelings…but, it’s a nice way to see how close to each other we really are. It could be called, “The Jones Family,” or “The Smith Family,”… get the idea. We all are characters in one Soap Opera or another. Our own, and other people’s. Many times we decide what role we play.

Strange, isn’t it….. we sometimes think someone else’s life is more interesting then our own……while all the while the classic story could be all around us.

The story continues…
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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