Forgetting to Remember

If we forget to remember, things have a strange way of repeating themselves. We are, in general, creatures of habit…we choose our habits, or they are chosen for us. Yes indeed, unfortunate events can happen to good people, but overall, it is our thoughts that we do control that can cause the most damage. Many times, forgetting is a choice that we should try to remember.

Writers, over time, have warned us that if not kept in check, history will repeat itself. Scholars are doomed to repetition if acknowledgment of past mistakes are not contemplated for future action. We may stumble and fall, but if we are to get back up we must examine what it was that brought us to our knees. When we let go of prior experiences, either professionally or personally, we can easily lose the roadmap to success.
Triumphs and failures in our lives are always best when they are examined on the simplest level, day by day, which are the building blocks of time. We can’t expect ourselves to keep all of the information of what we are to do in our lives unless we write it down and develop a schedule, calendar, or diary to examine where we are and where we are going. My oh my…how easy it is to forget!! It is truly mind-boggling the bombardment of information we are hit with in the year 2003. No wonder even the best of us can be left feeling scatterbrained.

Success leaves a trail….and so too does failure. To know the difference of what happened is to gain true wisdom. Each morning when we rise, engulfed with the energy of the Heavens, we stand in the moment with our arms open, looking for a way to help us leap to the next level. Spiritual Beings living in the physical world must remember that for inner peace what we can’t see can be just as important as what we can. To improve our lives it is necessary to remember the past, mourn our mistakes, and make the next day better. Not only for ourselves, but for all.

In Remembrance,
love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2003 Jennifer Avalon

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