New Toys

This may be the year that the mainstream embraces the new toys. All one has to do is take a look around the local electronics store to see what is coming down the pike. Surround Sound, Plasma Screens, I-Pod Music players, or Cell Phones that can take pictures…one thing’s for sure, the world as we see it and hear it over the next few years, is going to drastically change!

A friend of mine recently purchased one of the new plasma screens…it hangs on his wall like a piece of art. To demonstrate he put on a DVD and lo and behold, a moving multicolored three dimensional art painting was born. As guests arrived and we shared conversation, I could not help but once in a while stare at the images on the plasma screen. Even though they retail right now for around $3,000 it won’t be long until the price comes down to where we will all be able to acquire it. Moving pictures on the wall…go figure!

Like all new toys, they can be used for good, or bad….hopefully, responsibility will prevail. These new gizmos are having an effect on our society as a whole…seeping into our subconscious in some strange, interesting, and at times, comical ways. Another friend of mine shared with me a dream of hers that appeared a touch bizarre, but let me share it with you anyway. She told me that in the dream she was sitting on her couch next to a robot, who looked totally human, and was wearing khaki slacks, a shirt and a sweater, with a baseball cap on. His name was “Fritz.” To her, he was just wonderful…she could talk to him all about the headlines of the day, her favorite hobbies, and exotic recipes from around the world, that she would cook for her family that night. “Fritz,” to her, became like a trusted old friend, who took interest in whatever words sprang forth from her mind. Could it be, I thought to myself, that one day, like the plasma screen, we will all have our own “Fritz?!” I know a recording engineer who always says to me, “I would love to mix my own version of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon”….when I mentioned to him the “Fritz” story, his eyes jumped out and he said, “Man, “Fritz” may be just the kind of guy I’m looking for to help me remix Pink Floyd’s classic album!” You see, a “Fritz” could be a unique individual experience for each one of us. Can we even begin to contemplate looking out our window and seeing humans and robots walking side by side, engulfed in conversation? If the plasma screen is today’s new toy, what will tomorrow’s be?

Not too long ago, there was no World Wide Web, and today we fire off messages around the world at will. We see images that change our lives. I believe a “Fritz” will come…how this latest toy is handled is up to us. Each Holiday Season the envelope of imagination and excitement is pushed further and further…with all great discoveries, comes responsibility and promise. But what good will it all be if we don’t embrace the oldest gift of all…..the human heart. For we all can be dazzled, but for what purpose if we don’t become better people for it?

May the force be with you:)

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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