Weather the Storm

The last two weeks and for that matter, the past month, has been, for lack of a better word, bizarre. Hurricanes, floods, terror alerts, terrorism, and last, but not least, Batman scaling the walls of Buckingham Palace! Even Wall Street has gotten into the action, where brokers are stating “All we need now are locusts!”

Have you ever had a dream that you think is so real that when you wake up it takes a few minutes to convince yourself that it WAS only a dream? The year 2004 is looking kind of like that…but, unfortunately, it is quite real. Seeing children being murdered in Russia was very chilling…I don’t care what your grievances are, but when man stoops to the level of shooting children in the back, it must never be acceptable. The hurricanes that are hitting Florida and Gulf Coast in the United States are starting to look like a group of airplanes circling, waiting for permission to land. The experts keep telling us that much of what’s going on is quite normal and expected….the talking heads will give us fifty reasons to defend their positions…yet, the normal folks are beginning to have a hard time distinguishing science fiction from real life…the fine line between both is starting to fade. Trouble always seems like “someone else’s problem” until it arrives at our own front door.

It is so easy through any period of turmoil or severe weather conditions, to believe that it will never end, and that the storm will not pass. Well, it does, and it will. Awareness and safety are key. When storm clouds gather on the horizon, it’s not foolish to batten down the hatches, and prepare. Life is a sea of changes, and each one of us are sailors riding the waves. Like life, the sea may not be fair, but when damaged by the storm we can rebuild and heal. If we see fellow sailors in distress, we must reach out and cast a line…you never know when you may need the same. We may all sail our own individual ships, still, we are all part of the Armada of Souls, searching for a safe port.

Through stormy weather, just when we feel lost, out of the dark cuts the beams of light from the lighthouse…..Rays of Hope, that can bring us to shore. No matter how dark the day, rest assured, there is always the Light. The shining Truth that says we are never alone.
Weather the storm,

love, Jennifer Avalon
آ© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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