Sin is Contagious

This week in the United States it was revealed that there is going to be a severe shortage of flu vaccinations this coming winter. It seems the factory in Liverpool that manufactures the vials was shut down because of some form of contamination. That leaves the United States with only half the amount that is needed, and the expectation is that many may succumb to the flu this season because of the lack of resistance to fight it off. Health care officials are quite worried how the lack of vaccinations may impact the general public, so they are asking for voluntary rationing of flu vaccine. Much worry, and rightfully so….but there is something else that infects the population at a greater rate, that not only affects a person physically but also spiritually….that virus is Sin.

As we search for physical tools to combat infections, much is not said about the affects that spiritual illness has upon the general population. Sin is an energy that can be transferred from one person to another in a split second. The damage that Sin can inflict upon us has brought about limitless physical and mental disorders. Sin is the ultimate virus against the Soul. As easy as the touch of a hand, or a physical embrace, Sin can wreak havoc through families, friends and the casual stranger. It can take control, manipulate, and absorb all of one’s energy, to make its presence known.

Sin, as defined by the dictionary, is a “transgression of Divine Law.” Man, over time, has tried to change this definition. The act of Sin’s only purpose is to create some form of turmoil on another. It’s so easy to run to the doctor when we have a cough, yet we may not think twice when we Sin, yet, there is a vaccine out there to rid this world of the scourge of Sin. That vaccine is there, just for the asking, where the amount of it is bountiful. The vaccine against Sin is Love. As long as one’s heart is filled with Love, there is no room for Sin. Yes, indeed, we may falter or miss a step, but overall a shadow cannot exist where there is light.

Sin is contagious…but so is Love. The choice lays in our hands. Each day we ask ourselves, should we Sin, or should we Love? We’ve seen it before…when we walk into a room feeling positive, full of hope, and a smile upon our faces, each person we come into contact with is influenced by our state of mind. A heart full of Love can move a mountain. Sin may fight back, but with each shot of Love, Sin is forced to cower and hide.

The gift of Love is a package that awaits us each day…all we have to do is open it.
Spread the loving gift,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2004 Jennifer Avalon

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